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Princesses rule in Villainous publisher’s new Disney board game

Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls stars a host of Disney princesses and heroines – plus, the board game is entirely designed by women.

Ravensburger image of Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls, a Disney board game

Ravensburger has a new Disney board game on the way, a press release from January 9 confirms. Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition) promises to be a modular RPG-style board game that “creates an immersive adventure game” and “allows players to experience Disney heroines in whole new ways while they work together to win”.

Chronicles of Light is a Disney board game recommended for players aged eight and above. Players become one of four Disney heroines – Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Violet of The Incredibles, Robin Hood’s Maid Marian, or Moana from…you know, Moana.

“Materializing as radiant crystal versions summoned into the realm, the heroines drive back shadows of infamous Disney Villains and restore the Realm of Light”, says Ravensburger. Chronicles of Light reportedly includes a range of familiar characters, items, and creatures, plus a new illustrated world to set the scene. This is also a co-op board game that’s fully designed and illustrated by women.

Ravensburger image of Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls, a Disney board game

“As we’ve seen time and time again with games like Disney Villainous and Disney Lorcana TCG, bringing Disney heroes and villains into one shared universe reignites powerful nostalgia and provides a platform to bring friends and families together in an immersive and highly creative experience,” says Ravensburger’s North American head of new games marketing, Lysa Penrose. “We know how imaginations ignite when you bring Disney storytelling to life in board games, and we can’t wait for you to see what happens when Disney Princess characters and other Disney heroines join forces and take center stage.”

Pre-orders for the game begin at Target on July 7, with a copy costing $29.99 (£23.59). From July 21, it’ll be available to purchase from Target and “hobby stores nationwide” – though Ravensburger hasn’t shared any details about a worldwide release.

From the ‘Disney Edition’ part of the title, it seems like Ravensburger already has plans to expand Chronicles of Light beyond its four starting characters – or even into other IPs. While nothing is confirmed, we can see things going the way they did with Ravensburger’s Disney Villainous expansions, which encompass the Star Wars and Marvel universes as well as classic Disney.

Ravensburger says to expect more details about the board game “throughout the year”. For more on the best board games featuring Disney, here’s the new Disney Villainous ‘expandalones’ Ravensburger announced for 2024. Plus, here’s what we know about the DDoS attacks that halted Disney Lorcana web sales in December.