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Disney Lorcana halts web sales in Europe after DDoS attacks

Disney Lorcana has canceled online sales for Rise of the The Floodborn in Europe after facing DDoS attacks last month that disrupted its launch.

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn products

Ravensburger has canceled the online sale of Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn in the UK and Europe, as it expected its website to be hit by DDoS attacks. The sales would have begun on December 1, the date mass retailers get the product. However, on November 30, the Lorcana Twitter account revealed the cancellation.

The tweet explains the trading card game makers made the decision to “redistribute the stock to other channels”, cancelling the online sale, “to ensure the Ravensburger online store is protected against external attacks”.

There’s some good news with the bad, however, as the Disney Lorcana account also announced a reprint for both Rise of the Floodborn and The First Chapter, expected to roll out in Europe in mid-December. This comes a few weeks after Lorcana brand manager Ryan Miller promised the game had “drastically” increased its production levels.

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn cancelation tweet

The reason for the cancellation seems pretty straightforward, since on November 20, presales for the Rise of the Floodborn Disney Lorcana set were severely hampered by DDoS attacks (a coordinated effort to disrupt a service by overloading it with traffic). Among other technical difficulties, this caused hours-long delays to the sale, and prevented many fans from making their purchases.

The issue was reported by Ravensburger on the same date by the Lorcana Twitter account, as well as by Global Community Manager Richelle Brady through the Lorcana Discord server.

Queue-Fair, the company that ran the store’s online queue called the hit “the most aggressive DDoS attack we have seen”, stating that they were inundated with over 5 million traffic requests from bots.

Obviously, it appears Ravensburger has decided to cancel the sale rather than risk facing the same problems again. Meanwhile, Amazon has declared its using a queue system for Rise of the Floodborn sales on December 1.

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