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Disney Lorcana “drastically” increases production capacity

Disney Lorcana’s co-designer assures trading card game fans that Ravensburger has “drastically increased” production and improved security.

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn product photo

After exceptionally high demand and Disney Lorcana products selling out en masse, Ravensburger has announced further plans to increase production capacity. “There are always things we can do better”, says brand manager and co-designer Ryan Miller in a social media video from November 16 (see below).

The Disney trading card game first released in August, and its second set’s Disney Lorcana release date is November 17. Lorcana has been plagued by production issues since its earliest days, with repeated social media posts confirming the publisher is doing all it can to get stock to fans and Ravensburger pushing forward the date of its first reprint.

“We have drastically increased our production capacity”, Miller continues in Thursday’s video, “and hopefully many of you watching this have already seen the effects of this”. “This is something we’re going to constantly watch as we grow this wonderful game, Lorcana.”

Generally, fan replies to the video have been positive, with many thanking Miller for the proposed changes. Others lament the issues they’ve had getting hold of Lorcana products for their retail price – with multiple Twitter users pointing out the number of scalpers selling Lorcana boxes for inflated prices.

In the same video, Miller also announced changes to packaging that aim to further increase product security. The current packaging seals the box with a tab pull, but fans discovered it’s possible to pull packs from booster boxes without breaking the seal (see video below).

Lorcana’s “interim solution” to this is clear ‘wafer seal’ stickers. By the time the trading card game’s third set releases, the boxes will come shrink-wrapped.

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