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Classic board game Clue relaunched by Hasbro

A new version of Clue has been launched by Hasbro, revamping the classic board game with a shiny new coat of paint - it looks like an ARG is coming too

Clue minis from the 2023 version in bright colours

The murder mystery board game Clue (Cluedo to us Brits) has been relaunched by Hasbro. The new version features updated (and dare we say, unusually attractive) takes on the classic colour-based characters. It also gives each one a backstory, and features Clue cards that can speed the gameplay along. 

Hasbro senior vice president Adam Biehl announced the company would be relaunching the classic board game during the Hasbro investor day in early October last year, but gave no precise release date, beyond 2023. It turns out he meant ‘extremely early’ in 2023, as it’s out right now, selling on Amazon for $21.99, as well as at Walmart.

We were promised some sort of ARG (alternate reality game) to promote the release, and it looks like one may be starting up on the official Clue Instagram account, where the bio says “Something’s coming…”

Clue 2023 version box

We’ve got no… idea if it’ll have anything to do with that Clue movie with Ryan Reynolds. There’s been little word on that lately, other than the fact that it’s apparently still in development.

Clue holds up pretty well, honestly, despite its age, but there are plenty of other murder mystery board games or social deduction board games out there to help you get your sleuthing on.

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