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Exclusive first look at Cthulhu wargame’s tendril monster

We've got a model from upcoming Modiphius wargame, Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics, to share - the monstrous Sheehad, which can attack you from below.

Cohors Cthulhu mini of a big worm monster

Modiphius’ new Romans vs Cthulhu wargame, Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics, comes to Kickstarter on Tuesday, and we’ve been given an exclusive look at one of the stretch goal models, which we’re able to show off to you now.

The Sheehad is a wiggly worm-like creature that bursts from the ground to ambush enemies. It doesn’t just pop up to eat you in a regular way, either, it’s got spooky lovecraftian powers – stealing life force and plunging “into an unstoppable frenzy”.

According to Modiphius founder, Chris Birch, Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics has “a variety of enemies from Hordes, Groups, Leaders, Creatures, Monstrosities and Avatars of the Outer Gods – the very worst.”
Cohors Cthulhu mini

“The Sheehad sits in the Monstrosities and is one of those that can be summoned to the tabletop by the enemy.”

So from the sounds of it, this beast is not the absolute nastiest thing you can come across in the miniature wargame, but is likely pretty hard to deal with. For sure you’re going to want to prioritize stopping the creepily chanting cultists so they don’t manage to summon one of these into the fight.

On the tabletop, the Sheehad can only be attacked if they’ve already acted in the turn (simulating their burrowing nature), so you’re going to have to time things carefully to take them out. Their horrifying nature will cause your units to panic, and if they get a kill, they enter a frenzy, which gives them more activations and health.

Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics is Modiphius’ new ‘adventure wargame’, a miniature-based take on the same premise as the publisher’s upcoming Cohors Cthulhu RPG: Romans and Germanic tribes must join forces to combat creatures of cosmic horror. The game can be run solo or co-op, with players fighting against the AI-run threat of the monsters.

It’s set in Modiphius’ ‘Against the Gods Themselves’ setting, its own unique version of the Cthulhu Mythos. One prior installment in this setting is Achtung! Cthulhu, a Lovecraftian tabletop RPG set amidst a backdrop of WW2.

Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics comes to Kickstarter on May 28, 2024. For more thematic tabletop content, check out our guide to wargames weirder than 40k.