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Two months in, Cy_Borg RPG open license has 100+ fan creations

Thanks to Stockholm Kartell’s third-party licence, fans of the OSR tabletop RPG Cy_Borg have created over 100 third-party titles two months post-release

Cy_Borg 100 third-party titles - Cy_Borg book cover art

Cy_Borg, Mörk Borg’s anti-capitalist cyberpunk younger sibling, now has “over a hundred third-party titles”, the official Mörk Borg Twitter says. A tweet from January 11 points TTRPG players to Ex Libris Cy_Borg, a directory site that catalogues each piece of homebrew Cy_Borg content.

Cy_Borg is a scifi OSR tabletop RPG that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and its wider release came on November 15, 2022. It uses the rules-light, gore-heavy rules of Mörk Borg, translating them for a new, cybernetically-enhanced setting. (If our Cy_Borg review is anything to go by, it’s pretty darn good.)

The directory currently has around 150 lots of third-party content. This means, on average, Cy_Borg fans have shared roughly 2.5 new homebrew documents a day since the RPG’s full release. The third-party content is divided into several categories, with new adventures, classes, rules, NPCs, and miscellaneous content available.

Developer Stockholm Kartell also has an official website that offers further free content. Additionally, there’s an Ex Libris website for Mörk Borg that reportedly includes 1485 third-party titles (as of January 7).

Cy_Borg 100 third-party titles - book cover photo

This small mountain of content is made possible by Stockholm Kartell’s third-party licence. “This licence allows anyone to make stuff for Cy_Borg and either publish it for free or sell it, without us taking a cut”, the Cy_Borg website says. “Adventures, hacks, modules, anything goes.” Fans can publish Mörk Borg content under the same rules.

Third-party gaming licences have been a big topic of discussion lately, as on January 5, Gizmodo reported on a leaked document that appeared to be a new, more restrictive version of the DnD OGL. D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast still hasn’t responded to the report, but several smaller RPG publishers have already vowed to abandon 5E or create their own open RPG rulesets.

On January 5, Mörk Borg tweeted to remind fans, “you can create and release pretty much anything you want for Mörk Borg and Cy_Borg and publish it, for free or for money (we don’t take a cut of the sales), digital or physical”.

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