The Dark Souls RPG minis “can be used with any tabletop RPG”

Dark Souls RPG publisher Steamforged Games announces a new wave of miniatures compatible with its TTRPG adaptation of the videogame

Dark Souls RPG miniatures - product photo of six Dark Souls miniatures, including a large dragon

Developer and publisher Steamforged Games has announced the next addition in its line of tabletop Dark Souls products – a new range of miniatures inspired by the punishing videogame series. “These miniatures will be official depictions of iconic characters, enemies, and artefacts”, Steamforged said in a press release on Thursday.

Six sets of Dark Souls miniatures have been announced so far. These include ‘The Silver and the Dead’, ‘Silver Knight Greatbowmen’, ‘Hollow Crossbowmen’, ‘Unkindled Heroes Pack One’, ‘Guardian Dragon’, and ‘Unkindled Heroes Pack Two’. Fans of the series will recognise many staple enemies from the videogames, as well as the wyvern boss from Aldia’s Keep in Dark Souls 2. The sets are available for preorder from Thursday, May 26.

“Containing one to six miniatures in each”, Steamforged says, “the boxes will include stat cards for each miniature so players can easily incorporate them into their 5th Edition roleplaying campaigns”. Steamforged’s last Dark Souls adaptation, Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game, was designed based on D&D 5E rules. It was made available for preorder in February, but Steamforged issued an apology and promised reprints of the tabletop RPG after errors were found by fans.

Although a Steamforged representative has confirmed the newly announced miniatures are the same ones previously teased to accompany the Dark Souls RPG, Thursday’s press release says “these miniatures can be used with any tabletop roleplaying game”. “They’ll also appeal to collectors and painters looking to expand their collection of licensed Dark Souls products”, Steamforged adds.

Dark Souls RPG miniatures - an ensemble of Dark Souls miniatures, with the Dark Souls RPG logo next to them

Steamforged told Wargamer some of the miniatures available were previously included in the core box and expansion packs for Dark Souls: The Board Game. However, several have been discontinued, so they’ll now be exclusively available as part of the new miniatures sets.

Steamforged has also reportedly released character sheet PDFs on their website “to help players build Dark Souls characters for their RPG sessions”.

Known for adapting videogames like Monster Hunter: World and Resident: Evil into miniatures board games, Steamforged also recently announced a RuneScape board game – a Kickstarter project which boasts the first “official” RuneScape miniatures.

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