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Disney Lorcana is hiring, and you could help create its next cards

Disney Lorcana has nine different job roles right now, hiring everything from a narrative designer to a marketing manager to work in its WA office.

Disney Lorcana jobs Mickey Mouse

Ravensburger is hiring staff to work on its booming new Disney Lorcana card game, with lots of different job types available. Located in Ravensburger’s North American office in Seattle, Washington, these roles all seem fairly senior, with salaries ranging from $85 – $140k.

The Disney Lorcana roles range from creative to marketing jobs, and we’ve seen at least nine floating around. For instance, Ravensburger is hiring a Senior Narrative Designer to help world-build the trading card game’s lore of reimagined Floodborn characters. It’s also after a Senior Art Director to organize, plan, and commission the gorgeous Disney-style artwork found on the cards.

On the marketing side of things, the company wants a Digital Marketing Manager and a Games Marketing Manager. Meanwhile, it’s urgently hiring for a Technical Production Manager, who can lead product development and manufacturing for TCGs.

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Most of these roles require a deep love of Disney (not hard to come by). Most also advertise that they want multiple years of experience in a similar job role (much trickier).

It seems like this could be great news for any former Wizards of the Coast employees caught in the December Hasbro layoffs and still searching for a new role. Like Ravensburger, Wizards of the Coast has its North American office in Washington state. In fact, it looks like they’re only a 22 minute drive from one another.

It’s interesting that Ravensburger’s ads say it is looking for “Extensive knowledge of and deep affection for Walt Disney Animation Studios, PIXAR, and other Disney properties.”

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So far, Lorcana hasn’t branched out away from the Animation Studios properties, but this requirement definitely implies that Pixar will be coming along sooner or later. Perhaps it’s a foregone conclusion, but we’re still excited to see whether or not films like Toy Story or Monsters Inc will appear in the TCG.

Other Disney-owed properties, like Marvel or Star Wars, might be far more controversial inclusions, we reckon.

The jobs up for grabs can be found on Ravensburger’s website, or on job sites like Indeed. To apply, you’ll need to send a cover letter and CV to [email protected].

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