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Snow White’s Magic Mirror is Disney Lorcana’s first item card

We've been given a mystical vision of another Disney Lorcana card, the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror from the film Snow White will draw you more cards

Disney Lorcana Magic Mirror

Upcoming kids trading card game Disney Lorcana continues to provide images of new cards for fans to pore over, the latest addition being the Magic Mirror from Snow White. We’ve already seen plenty of characters from Disney films in the game, including Mulan and Stitch, but this is the first item card that’s been shown off.

It might seem silly to try and analyse the Magic Mirror card before designer Ravensburger’s provided any of the game’s rules. But the more we see of Disney Lorcana, the more it looks like a very, very close cousin of Magic: The Gathering. So, going by Magic’s rules, this seems to be a card that you must ‘tap’ (turn sideways and exhaust for the turn) and pay some mana (or ink) to draw a card. Who wants to be the fairest of them all when you could have more cards instead?

Disney Lorcana Magic Mirror card

There are plenty of artifact cards in MTG that work just like the Magic Mirror item, such as Arcane Encyclopedia, or Mazemind Tome. Not only do the mechanics seem identical, these MTG cards represent the same thematic concept as Lorcana’s mirror card – the gaining of knowledge.


The Disney Lorcana release date is coming up – it’s set to launch its ‘First Chapter’ set on August 18, or September 1 for online buyers. Players will summon beloved characters as ‘glimmers’ using inks of six different colours. An interesting element seems to be that different characters have multiple forms, such as Hades from Hercules, but in an alternate universe where he’s taken over Olympus.