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Disney Lorcana TCG teases how you’ll summon characters

The Disney Lorcana TCG Twitter account is teasing fans with a sneak peek at some in-game terms, before any gameplay rules have been revealed

Disney Lorcana - A range of characters from Disney Lorcana.

After months of silence, the Disney Lorcana Twitter account has dropped a lore titbit about Ravensburger’s upcoming Disney TCG. The news is – let me check my notes – that in Disney Lorcana: “Illumineers use magic inks to summon Disney characters as glimmers”.

Yes, we too would have preferred a proper Disney Lorcana release date, or some kind of explanation on how the game works, but we’ll take this little ‘glimmer’ of background lore for now, starved for Lorcana information as we are.  

The post actually seems pretty dense with new terminology from the game, and it’s clearly designed to get fans speculating. Disney Lorcana players are presumably known as ‘Illumineers’. Magic inks might be fluff, but it could also refer to some kind of resource you use within the game. And it seems your characters are called ‘glimmers’.

Disney Lorcana - Mickey Mouse as a wizard

This seems like it could be a neat explanation for how Donald Duck can beat up Stitch without raising troubling lore implications. It’s not the real, beloved Disney characters getting into fisticuffs – you’re summoning their ‘glimmers’. Fans of Magic: The Gathering will be familiar with the common confusion about whether players are summoning copies of characters and creatures, or bringing them to fight ‘for real’.

This presumably also relates to a comment made by the Lorcana Twitter account back in September that, within the game, “some characters will be familiar friends. Others will be fantastically re-imagined.”

We don’t want to go too deep into the speculation rabbit hole, so we’ll leave it there for now. Stay tuned for more Lorcana news – and check out our guides to the best family board games and top trading card games while you’re here.