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DnD Onslaught reveals starter set without the pricy minis

Wizkids has revealed the DnD Onslaught: Fundamentals Kit, a cheaper version of the game without miniatures or dice - but you'll need to bring your own.

DnD Onslaught fundamentals kit

Wizkids has announced a lower cost version of its DnD miniatures skirmish game, DnD Onslaught, which takes out all the miniatures. The Dungeons and Dragons Onslaught: Fundamentals Kit has everything from the DnD Onslaught Core Set, with the exception of the dice and 21 miniatures that bump up the price point.

As a result, it’s a substantial $60 cheaper, priced at $79.99 instead of $139.99. According to Wizkids, the kit is “the perfect entry point for players who have an arsenal of miniatures and dice waiting for their next adventure”.

It seems the idea is you can use your own DnD miniatures (or other figures) as stand-ins if you have some gathering dust. But obviously, you could easily use coins, meeples, pen lids, whatever you have lying around. You’ll need to source your own DnD dice as well.

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Comparing the contents of this kit with the core set, it doesn’t seem like there are tokens representing the DnD monsters and characters from the game in this fundamentals kit. Since there’s no dice either, the product page emphasises that it is not playable on its own.

The DnD Onslaught Fundamentals Kit is available to preorder now from Wizkids’ store, and will be released in Q2 2023. If you’ve seen our DnD Onslaught review, you’ll know that the original price point was the main black mark against the game, so a cheaper offering makes plenty of sense.