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Win custom DnD dice to mark Actual Play series with Deborah Ann Woll

You can now watch celebrity Actual Play DnD series Always a Sword on Shout! TV, and it's provided us with a fistful of D20s to pass on to you lucky folks.

DnD dice giveaway image of dice

Do you like DnD Actual Play series? Do you like DnD dice? Do you like free stuff? Well good news! The Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play series Always a Sword: A Sword & Sorcery Adventure is now streaming exclusively on Shout! TV, and to mark the occasion Shout! TV has given us five custom D20s to hand out to our readers.

Always a Sword is a celebrity DnD series featuring Deborah Ann Woll, Todd Stashwick, and Tiffany Smith. Originally created in 2019, Shout! TV recut and edited the game into an episodic series in 2023. This originally aired in July, starting during 2023 Comic Con. But now, it’s available to watch whenever you feel like it.

Enter the competition below for a chance to win a D20 die featuring the Shout! TV logo. Please be aware that you’ll need to be living in the US to enter. You’ve got until October 4 to enter – Go! Go! Go!

WG – Shout! TV D20 dice Giveaway

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