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DnD creatures and terrain sets 48% off for Amazon Prime Day

With Amazon Prime Day returning as the Amazon Early Access Sale, we've found some pretty exciting DnD deals for you all, plus a few others

Amazon Prime Day DnD deals: campaign cases. Image shows an open case with various creature tokens.

It feels like only yesterday it was Amazon Prime Day, but now it’s back with an all-new name: the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. Being the stand-up online publication that we are, we took a look to see if there was anything on sale that might appeal to our readers and we’re pleased to say that DnD campaign cases are on offer and you can get both the creatures and the terrain sets at 48% off.

Of course, the magic of DnD means that you can enjoy it with nothing more than dice and pads of paper if necessary, but you have to admit that the bells and whistles can do a lot to make the game feel more tangible, and to help you with your immersion. These cases also make super convenient travel packs, allowing you to more easily play in different locations.

The creatures set contains 64 weighted plastic discs (of different sizes and colours) as well as five sheets of fully illustrated creature clings which you stick to the discs in order to create creature tokens. These will make it a lot easier for players to keep track of what’s going on during heated battles. Meanwhile, the terrain set includes 30 double-sided interlocking terrain tiles which display different types of environment, including dungeons, cities, and wilderness.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll need to get one before you can access this deal, but don’t worry: you can just start a free trial and cancel it straight away if you don’t want to have Prime all the time.

Here are a few other Amazon Prime Early Access Sale deals we found:

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