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DnD Barbarian gets his beer on with custom battle axe mug

WotC TTRPG Dungeons and Dragons can be thirsty work. This DnD DIY turns a beer mug into a bottle-opener and battle-axe suitable for any Barbarian.

DnD Barbarian beer mug with a steel handle and axe blade

It’s not uncommon to buy or make something to remember a beloved DnD character by. It’s also not uncommon to have a drink nearby on RPG night. Electrician and YouTuber Wired Workshop has made an uncommon item, though – a custom beer mug for an alcoholic Barbarian, complete with battle axe and bottle opener.

In a tutorial video posted on August 7 (see below), the mug is rigorously tested to ensure the Barbarian (whose name is Tavern, according to a Reddit post) has everything they need for an adventuring evening. The tip of the axe blade is filed down to create an ideally-positioned bottle-opener; the wooden tankard is sufficiently beer-friendly; and the axe makes a passable weapon (if your opponent has a styrofoam face).

Wired Workshop first posted the project on their Instagram on July 15, showing off a 3D-printed mock-up mug. The final version is made of Redheart wood and steel which Wired Workshop cut, welded, glued, and glossed themselves in a basement-based workshop. This appears to be the channel’s first DnD DIY project, though their previous work has been based on equally nerdy properties, such as Halo and Aliens.

You can find the full tutorial for building a Barbarian battle mug here:

You can also find Wired Workshop’s original Reddit post and Instagram photos using the links provided.

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