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Kobold Press turns DnD Barbarian into Diablo IV class

Third-party 5e publisher Kobold Press is porting Diablo IV classes into Dungeons and Dragons, like this subclass for the DnD Barbarian.

DnD Barbarian - A screenshot of the Diablo 4 Barbarian character model.

Third party Dungeons and Dragons publisher Kobold Press has released a free Barbarian 5e class variant that turns you into a character from Diablo 4. The Path of the Warcry subclass lets your DnD Barbarian become a screaming, shouting replica of the Diablo 4 class of the same name.

As Diablo 4 is a hack and slash game, Kobold Press’ Path of the Warcry subclass is all about combat. It lets you channel your voice in all sorts of ways, from a Vicious Taunt that gives enemies disadvantage on rolls, to a Rallying Shout that grants temporary hit points to allies.

The homebrew subclass’ ultimate ability, once you level up all the way to 14th level, is Savage Roar. When you’re raging, this lets you hit a group of creatures with a roar that inflicts the Frightened DnD condition on them, leaving them unable to fight properly.

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Created by game designer Rajan Khanna, this Kobold Press subclass is part of a series of video game inspired DnD classes located on the publisher’s website. It’s even created other Diablo-IV themed subclasses, including one for both the Rogue 5e and Druid 5e.