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Becca Scott to host new board game and tabletop RPG news show

A new board game and tabletop RPG show covering industry news is starting, and Becca Scott from Geek and Sundry is the first host to be announced

DnD Becca Scott on the set of tabletop news

Becca Scott is one of the hosts of a mysterious upcoming tabletop gaming show Tabletop News, which is coming to Kickstarter in March 2023.

We say mysterious because, aside from the fact that Scott – an actor and internet personality known for Good Time Society and Geek and Sundry – is one of the hosts we have very little information about what the show will be.

The show’s Twitter account suggests Tabletop News will be delivered in “a fast-paced and interactive format”, so perhaps YouTube videos? Or maybe it’s all on TikTok? We’ll have to wait until March to find out, as this group is keeping its cards very close to its chest. All we know is they promise a whole team of knowledgeable and fun hosts, of which Scott is just the first.

The show’s producers include a load of professional RPG players, streamers, and actors, including Michelle Nguyen Bradley, Nathan Ondracek, Adam Rady, and Katie Wilson.

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