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DnD “community reaction” saves individual DMs Guild listings

D&D marketplace Dungeon Masters Guild rescinds plans to remove individual Adventurers League listings after mistakenly announcing the move in a newsletter

DnD DMs Guild listings removed - Wizards of the Coast art of a reader in Candlekeep Library

Community D&D marketplace Dungeon Masters Guild has announced it’s “suspending plans to remove individual official Adventurers League adventures from the DMsGuild”. In a DMsGuild blog post from September 22, D&D play product manager Chris Tulach revealed the original removal plans had been mistakenly revealed to the public in a DMsGuild newsletter.

The Adventurers League is an organised play program from Wizards of the Coast that features ongoing, official D&D campaigns. Tulach lists “past Forgotten Realms seasons, Dreams of the Red Wizards, Eberron: Oracle of War, and Ravenloft: Mist Hunters” as the adventures previously under threat of being individually delisted.

“Some of you may have received a DMsGuild newsletter recently with some information stating that individual adventure listings from official D&D Adventurers League adventures would be turned off in January 2023, with bundles still available containing those adventures”, Tulach says. “The decision was made to focus interest on the newer community-created content, and it was our intention that we revisit our pricing model by January for the bundles to make it even more affordable for those missing just a few adventures from a past season.”

DnD DMs Guild listings removed - Wizards of the Coast art of a party looting a treasure hoard

“However, it was not our intent to have this communicated via a DMsGuild newsletter first”, Tulach adds. “An official communication should have occurred on the D&D Adventurers League blog or social media beforehand.” Tulach says the decision to suspend removal plans was down to “the community reaction to this change, especially the adventure designer community”.

“In addition, it is not our intent to make a change with regards to individual adventure availability until such time as we have a more substantive change to the Adventurers League program”, Tulach says. “We are not planning any substantive changes for 2023.”

“We will communicate any future changes through our official D&D Adventurers League channels (currently, this blog, our official Twitter, and our official Discord channel) first”, Tulach adds. “I want to offer a note of thanks to the creator community for giving us this feedback and thank you for your continued passion.”

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