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Manman-man is the DnD homebrew of our nightmares

The Manman-man, a DnD homebrew monster gone wrong, is now top of our list of things we wouldn’t want to meet in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign

DnD homebrew manman-man art by Noah Rotter

Plenty of DnD books have brought horror to the game, but a recent DnD homebrew from artist Noah Rotter puts all previous monstrosities to shame. Rotter shared Manman-man, possibly the most revolting creature ever seen, on social media on February 15. A Manman-man is the unfortunate child of two half-humans (think centaurs) who’s ended up as a half-human, half-human. The result is two-and-a-bit human bodies spliced together.

“Manman-men are the rare offspring of a union of two half-human creatures. Sometimes the child will be all human, sometimes neither”, Rotter says in the homebrew. “But in certain circumstances, the human side will multiply and become a Manman-Man.”

Rotter says this particular DnD monster makes an excellent wrestler. “Their multiple limbs allow them to grab opponents with ease and toss them around like dolls”, they add.

DnD homebrew Manman-man stats by Noah Rotter

“Unlike ettins, the two heads are able to think and plan together”, Rotter says in the homebrew. “While their brains aren’t connected, their nervous systems are. They can communicate via subtle body signals.” “Trying to trick the two heads of a Manman-Man will only make them angrier”, they add.

“This is a very terrible idea I had a while back”, Rotter tells Reddit. “It’s pushing the idea of a half-human half-centaur further to an uncanny, maybe even creepy extreme.”

The results are indeed horrific. We wouldn’t want to meet any creature who could deal a killing blow with an action called ‘grabby hands’. We also don’t want to think too hard about how Manman-men manage clothes. The Manman-man may only have a challenge rating of three, but we take psychic damage any time we look at it for too long.

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