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Finally, a ‘life-size’ DnD Mimic for your home

Miniature maker Wizkids has created a life-sized replica of a DnD mimic monster, 20 inches tall with terrifying jaws and a long purple tongue

Life-size DnD Mimic

Need a conversation starter or something to scare the neighbours with? Miniatures maker Wizkids has an enormous DnD mimic model for sale, available to preorder for $375.

At 20 inches (50cm) tall and 15 inches (38cm) wide, Wizkids is billing this monstrosity, made from “soft foam” as a ‘life-sized’ DnD mimic. It’s part of the brand’s Replicas of the Realm series, which includes life-size pseudodragons, quasits, kobolds, and (for those with $1500 burning a hole in their pocket) a 5′ 7″ replica of Drizzt Do’Urden.

This mimic is certainly not in its subtle, lurk-in-the-corner-of-a-room mode. It’s clearly in full attack mode, baring rows of jagged teeth and slobbering everywhere with its giant purple tongue extended. Our (least) favourite detail is the stretchy, sinewy purple musculature at the ‘hinges’.

The life-sized DnD Mimic is available to preorder from the Wizkids store now for $375 and will be shipped after its release date, which is coming up shortly – May 2023, according to the Twitter announcement, though this detail doesn’t yet appear on the product page.

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