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DnD Beyond crafts new Curse of Strahd maps for its VTT

D&D Beyond has added new content for Curse of Strahd to its VTT DnD Maps, including brand new versions of the maps of Castle Ravenloft.

DnD maps - Strahd on his comfy throne with a raven.

DnD Beyond has added content from Curse of Strahd and Wild Beyond the Witchlight to its new virtual tabletop, DnD Maps. As part of the process, the website has created brand new map content for Curse of Strahd, showing Castle Ravenloft from a new angle.

That’s because the original DnD maps of the castle in Curse of Strahd are isometric, ‘2.5d’ depictions. That’s no good for a virtual tabletop, where tokens need to be moved on a 2d plane. To include this vital location – home of Strahd von Zarovich himself – Wizards of the Coast has had to implement new, top-down versions of the fortress.

By our count, the added DnD module includes seven new maps in total, from the walls of Castle Ravenloft to its dungeons and catacombs. They’re a little rough and ready in presentation – not as pretty as the rest of the maps published in this DnD book – but they’ll certainly do the job.

DnD maps - a map of part of castle ravenloft on DnD beyond's new VTT

DnD Beyond launched Maps on September 19. A virtual tabletop like Roll20, this digital RPG platform is unrelated to Wizards of the Coast’s graphics-heavy VTT that’s apparently in playtesting right now.

DnD Beyond Maps is still quite rudimentary at present, with plenty of missing features, like the ability to customize monster tokens. A lot of these features are upcoming, however, according to the road map, and new content like the two books just added is also expected.

Wizards of the Coast has made a commitment to include all future DnD books on Maps, and also plans to gradually add new content from its existing library.

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Right now, Maps is in Alpha, and game sessions can only be hosted by Master tier D&D Beyond subscribers. You just need to be signed up to the platform to join Maps sessions, however, so it works out as one Master tier subscription per playgroup.

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