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DM makes parody RPG about stopping the D&D OGL

There's already a tabletop RPG about stopping the DnD OGL, a satirical take on the recent controversy where you play workers in a large TTRPG company

DnD OGL RPG - a man leaning on a table looking sinister, with faded faces floating behind him

O.G.L (or Outrage, Greed, and Lies) is a one page RPG written by comedian and DM Paul Foxcroft, which seems to be poking fun at the recent D&D OGL debacle. Describing the game, released on Thursday, via Twitter, Foxcroft says “You play creative types at a company where the Corporate Overlords are destroying the brand. It is a work of fiction. And it’s yours to play with.”

In the O.G.L RPG you play “lovely people” at a corporation “that doesn’t share your values” . You work for an unnamed big TTRPG company, and must attempt to thwart a campaign by higher-ups “that is obviously going to destroy the game you love, your reputation, and the community you’ve built”. The key mechanic is trust points, which are lost over the course of a week, after ‘The Master Plan’ is announced.

Highlights of O.G.L include the full list of those Master Plans, which range from implementing the OGL 1.1, to picking a fight with Greta Thunberg and refusing to back down, to putting the creator’s son ‘Bernie Bybax’ in charge. The game also suggests you have a CM (Corporate Manager) instead of a GM.

DnD OGL stop one page rpg rules

Like other tragic and/or horror tabletop RPGs such as Ten Candles, there’s no winning in O.G.L. “The key theme here is one of hopelessness and absurdity,” explains Foxcroft. “Everything they do to help will be undone by another insanely evil choice… but it can be silly and fun.”

This isn’t even the only one page RPG that’s been made referencing the Open Gaming Licence controversy. Oliver Darkshire, who makes a one page RPG each month, has also made a satirical RPG, the Unlicensed Dungeon Game. Which teaches us that we shouldn’t mess with RPG creators. They’ll strike back in unusually creative fashion.