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Fans don’t trust Wizards of the Coast to get One DnD right

DnD fans don't thinks Wizards will fix One DnD’s playtest problems and deliver changes the game ‘truly needs’, a recent social media poll suggests.

One DnD - D&D artwork of a range of DnD monsters and NPCS

DnD fans don’t trust Wizards of the Coast designers to make the changes One DnD requires, a recent social media poll reveals. DnD publisher Wizards of the Coast is currently working on the next iteration of the most popular roleplaying game, to be released in 2024. But when fans were asked in a Reddit poll to rank their trust in the designers’ ability to “deliver changes the game truly needs”, the denizens of the One DnD subreddit gave mostly negative responses.

Asked to rank their level of confidence in the DnD designers from 1-5, where one is ‘don’t trust at all’ and five is ‘trust completely’, 60% of the 1,800 responders gave one or two as their answer. Just 2% had total trust in the game’s designers.

What changes do these players think DnD needs? Well, earlier this month, Wizards of the Coast unveiled a new playtest document which made plenty of alterations to various DnD classes, from the Fighter 5e to the Warlock 5e.

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We’ve previously highlighted many of the changes made in this playtest, as well as some of the problems that testers found with them. The barbarian, despite an intriguing new tree-based subclass, has underwhelmed many players thanks to its boring high-level abilities. Conversely, players think the new version of the Path of the Blade Warlock is far too strong, easily outclassing any other combat class when it comes to damage per round.

Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that any Reddit community is going to provide an imperfect snapshot of the people interested in its subject. Millions of fans play Dungeons and Dragons, and only a minute percentage gave an answer to this poll. People responding to a poll in the One DnD subreddit are likely to be the most invested fans, and therefore perhaps the most choosy or critical.

Still, this provides something of a litmus test, however limited, into the players’ perspective on where One DnD is at right now. Incidentally, the DnD Playtest 7 survey, where fans can leave their feedback on how the new rules function at the table, opens tomorrow, on Thursday, September 21.

For more information on the latest DnD playtest, we’ve written about the improvements made to Eldritch Knight and other Fighter subclasses, as well as why class-specific spell lists are back once again. You can also check out our DnD classes and DnD races guides, for a more detailed look at current 5e rules.