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It’s an epic quest to even find the new DnD TV shows

The launch of three official DnD TV programs is mired in confusion, with fans not sure how to access the content - not helped by broken links.

Seth Green on the DnD tv show

Three new, official DnD TV shows were released two weeks ago, but the launch of the TV channel Dungeons and Dragons Adventures seems to have had some pretty severe teething problems, as fans struggle to work out how to actually watch the new content.

The new programs are DnD campaign show Encounter Party, comedy show Faster Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! and cooking show Heroes’ Feast. As far as we can tell, they are only available in the US and can only be viewed through Plex or Amazon Freevee.

But fans seem to be having trouble finding the DnD TV channel, and we’ve seen a large number of confused social media users asking how to get hold of the shows.

These somewhat obscure services seem like a poor way to get eyes on these programs given that DnD has an official YouTube channel with 463,000 subscribers it could be utilizing.

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The trailers for all three shows were released onto that YouTube channel two weeks ago, and the comments sections for all three are a combination of mainly positive comments, mixed in with frustrated fans asking where they can actually watch.

Comments on trailer for the new dnd tv show

It doesn’t help that these trailer videos all link to a less than helpful DnD Beyond hub page for the Dungeons and Dragons Adventures channel. This is stuffed with links to the various shows… but at time of writing not one of them works.

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See for yourself. The hub has three buttons, one for each individual show, but clicking them just refreshes the page. Then there are links lower down to Plex or Amazon Freevee. The Plex link 404s and the Freevee one doesn’t take you to the show either.

After seeing many complaints in the comments, we’ve checked this ourselves. We tried with two different VPNs in case our Britishness was to blame, but it seems the page is still broken after all this time.

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We’ve not found any Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro account or page successfully linking to the actual shows. It seems like their creators are having to take matters into their own hands.

DnD Shorts (a YouTuber known for their criticism of the company during the DnD OGL debacle) drew our attention to this issue and to the fact that a cast member and producer of Encounter Party Ned Donovan, had taken to Reddit to try and help people view the programme. Now the Encounter Party website even has a seven step guide showing people how to find the episodes.

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It’s a shame, as it seems these DnD shows are too well hidden for many fans to find, which will hurt them regardless of their quality. Wargamer’s Mollie Russell enjoyed Faster Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! describing it as “funny, bitesized bits of D&D with a unique premise”. She recently spoke to creator Matthew Lillard about how it focuses on story over rules and mixes in emotion alongside the funnies.

But if these shows are going to be a success for the DnD brand, Wizards of the Coast needs to shout about them from the rooftops, not obscure them behind broken pages.

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