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Slay the Warhammer Tomb Kings in DnD with this homebrew

This DnD 5e homebrew group has created reams of content for the Warhammer Tomb Kings faction, porting it into Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Warhammer Tomb Kings screenshot from Total War Warhammer II

Fans of scorpions and skeletons? For the past month, DnD 5e homebrew group Star Sail Games has been creating DnD monsters for the Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings faction. From regular Tomb King infantry, all the way up to Bone Giants and Tomb Princes, the team has put out enough content that you could easily run a 5e game set in the deserts of Nehekhara.

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game has recently crossed the seas from the Old World to Lustria, but if you’re an RPG fan that prefers skulls to skinks, this unofficial DnD Warhammer crossover will do nicely.

There’s plenty of content to look over, including stat blocks for great big constructs like Titans of the Gods, and Ushabti. Each DnD monster contains a nice dose of explanatory lore, and the team has gone the extra mile to add extra, stronger versions so that parties can take on the creatures at different levels.

DnD Warhammer Tomb Kings homebrew adventure hooks

Each one also has a list of adventure hooks (more like encounter hooks) so you can easily slide them into a campaign. Then there’s some interesting content on curses – you can’t go raiding tombs without becoming a lightning rod for mystic malice. Everyone knows that.


There is a lot of content for the main Warhammer factions, and not every monster is included in the team’s ‘Tomb Kings month’. Responding to a commenter asking after certain baddies, the group’s Reddit account replied “the necrosphinx and tomb scorpions will likely have to wait until we circle back around to doing a tomb kings theme again”. They added, however, that they didn’t think it’d be long before they revisited this content.

This isn’t the first Warhammer DnD content created by Star Sail Games. In the past they’ve created a load of Skaven material, including a playable Skaven race.

There’s no ratmen or skelebobs in the official list of DnD races, but there are rabbit and turtlefolk. And check out all we know about Warhammer: The Old World, to see what the Tomb Kings look like in the upcoming revival of the setting. They’ve just had new minis revealed!