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First glimpse of new Warhammer Tomb Kings and Bretonnian minis

The latest Warhammer: The Old World development diary reveals 3D weapon sculpts for upcoming Tomb Kings and Bretonnian knights models

Warhammer The Old

Games Workshop has previewed new Warhammer: The Old World minis for both the Tomb Kings and Bretonnian factions. A post on the Warhammer Community website on Monday shows off 3d sculpts for new weapons and gear for the two armies, both of which have been out of production since 2015.

The preview shows helmets, shields, and sword arms for the knightly Bretonnians. The helmets resemble European mediaeval great helms ornamented with designs like deer antlers, a dragon head, or a phoenix. Weapons and shields alike are ornamented with fleur-de-lys designs.

The Tomb King sculpts previewed in the article include a flail, trident spear, long-bladed halberd, curved khopesh, a heavily decorated shield, and a Liche Priest’s staff. The description of the staff gives the only hint of game rules in the article, stating that Liche Priests use their staves “to channel their macabre magic more effectively – reducing the risk of the fickle Winds of Magic acting against the caster’s wishes”.

When Games Workshop ended Warhammer Fantasy Battle and launched Age of Sigmar in 2015, many models from the old games’s range were moved into new Age of Sigmar armies. This didn’t happen to either the Tomb Kings or the Bretonnians: both factions were completely retired and their model lines removed from production.

These modern designs stick close to both factions’ classic appearances, and the way they look in the Total War: Warhammer series. Whatever Games Workshop plans to change in the new edition of Warhammer: The Old World, it looks like aesthetics isn’t in question – at least for these two factions.