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Another Cthulhu RPG rises, but this time you’re the monsters

Tired of playing cultists and investigators in your Cthulhu campaigns? The Elder Mythos TTRPG turns the eldritch horror genre on its head.

Elder Mythos Cthulhu tabletop RPG book

Cthulhu tabletop RPGs are dime-a-dozen these days, but publisher Mana Project Studio is giving the genre a new spin with its latest Kickstarter project – by letting you play as Elder Gods. According to the crowdfunding page that launched on April 3, Elder Mythos Roleplaying Game is a game of cosmic horror where Lovecraftian beings attempt to dominate the world.

The Elder Mythos tabletop RPG uses a “twisted” version of Free League’s Year Zero dice system. Seen in titles like Vaesen and the Blade Runner RPG, this dice system challenges you to roll successes from a d6 dice pool.

“But beware!”, cries Mana Project Studio. Too many successes trigger a Catastrophic Success that will destabilize the situation, even if your cosmic plans succeed.

In Elder Mythos, players become one of 12 Elder Gods. Lovecraft’s most famous figures are all here, with big stars like Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep gracing the page. Hell, you can even play Azathoth, ruler of all Elder Gods. We’re sure that won’t cause any tension.

Deluxe pledge product photo for Elder Mythos Cthulhu tabletop RPG

It seems this is by design, though. Games like D&D and Call of Cthulhu are cooperative experiences, but Elder Mythos seems to encourage player vs. player behavior. “Conflict between the playing Entities is not only possible but an integral part of the game system”, says the Kickstarter page.

Each game lasts a single session, and the book offers five scenarios to choose from. These provide a setting map for your monstrosities to fight over, as well as events to respond to. The Elder Gods have unique attributes and powers to break the world with. Cthulhu can apparently steal resources from the Game Master, and Nyarlathotep can swap the order of initiative with its omnipotence

The price of pledges ranges from $16.29 (£13) to $103.16 (£82). The lowest pledge nabs you an Elder Mythos PDF, while the most deluxe option comes with a hardcover book, GM screen, deck of cards, dice set, and the PDF.

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