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Europa Universalis 4 DLC revamps campaigns for major powers

Newly announced EU IV expansion ‘Domination’ promises new missions and more historical detail for the most powerful empires of the early modern world

Europa Universalis 4 Domination DLC - key art showing European, Ottoman, and Japanese Emperor portraits behind their respective kingdoms

Paradox Games has announced the next Europa Universalis 4 DLC, ‘Domination’, at its Paradox Announcement Show on Monday. The DLC will give “many of the most popular and powerful nations… updated mission trees” and more historical detail, according to the publisher.

The publisher says we can expect new “national missions trees and features” in this new Europa Universalis 4 DLC  for the Otttoman empire, China, Japan, Russia, Spain, France, and Great Britain, as well as new mechanics and flavour for Prussia, Portugal, and Korea.

Europe Universalis 4 Domination DLC - gameplay screenshot showing Chinese units


As for what that will look like, Paradox provides several examples: “different mission trees for the Han Ming and invader empires like the Qing” in China, the chance to pursue either a British Empire as we know it or the alt-historical Angevin Britain, or picking how Peter the Great reforms Russia “so your mission tree as well as your mechanics will change and evolve as the game progresses”.

The publisher adds that we can expect “new art and music alongside a rich menu of new historical detail, adding more flavorful estates, reforms, special units, and events to the leading powers”.

The DLC will come with a “major” free update to the game for all players, though there’s no details yet of what that entails. It’s slated for release this year, but Paradox hasn’t yet said exactly when.

Europe Universalis 4 Domination DLC - gameplay screenshot from an Ottoman campaign

Looks like we’ll have to update our guides to Europa Universalis 4 achievements, then – and will have to speculate about when Europa Universalis 5 might appear for a little longer.