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Win a Fallout and Dune tabletop RPG bundle in our Modiphius giveaway

Free bundles of the Dune and Fallout tabletop roleplaying games are up for grabs

Fallout Dune RPG Modiphius bundle

Are the cold, wintery evenings not doing it for you this festive season? Then why not escape the arid sands of Arrakis or the desolate wastelands of the Fallout universe for a change of pace. We’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Modiphius to bring you the chance to win a bundle of Fallout and Dune RPG prizes, worth over $150 / £120!

The giveaway includes a bundle of Fallout: The Roleplaying Game goodies and Dune: Adventures in the Imperium products. On the Fallout side you’ll find the Fallout core rulebook, dice set, and GM’s toolkit, while the Dune RPG bundle includes the Dune core rulebook, Arrakis dice set, GM’s toolkit, and player’s journal. In other words, everything you need to start playing these fabulous RPGs, and more!

You’ve got until 6pm GMT / 1pm EST on Tuesday 21 to enter the prize draw. Simply complete any and all actions listed in the widget below, throw in your details, hope you’re the lucky winner. If you are, the fine folk at Modiphius will get in contact with you to send over your prize! As simple as operating a Pip-Boy.

We reckoned the Fallout RPG did an incredible job of capturing the feel Fallout 4 videogame while retaining a distinct tabletop flavour, and were impressed with everything Modiphius had to say about bringing the vastness of the Dune universe to a tabletop RPG. Whether you’ve only recently become acquainted with the Atreides and the Brotherhood of Steel, or have loved both series forever, don’t miss out on this fabulous bundle.

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Don’t forget, we’ve got even more giveaways planned for the holiday season. Check back in the coming weeks to see what other freebies you can bag.