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Flesh and Blood’s 13th set will launch in Tokyo, in Japanese

‘Part the Mistveil’ will be localised for Japanese players and premiere in Tokyo, marking Flesh and Blood’s international growth as a TCG.

Flesh and Blood set Part the Mistveil - a woman with long white hair walks into a lake underneath a full moon, shimmering lights reflecting from the surface

Part the Mistveil, the 13th Flesh and Blood TCG set, will receive a Japanese language edition, the first set for the game to be translated. The world premiere of the set will take place in Tokyo this May.

“For years passionate trading card game players across Japan have patiently waited for Flesh and Blood to be available in their mother tongue”, says Legend Story Studios founder and CEO James White. Flesh and Blood is already sold in over 200 Japanese stores, but fans have been playing with English language cards all this time.

Part the Mistveil will release on May 31. Its World Premiere will take place on May 17 at Belle Salle Takadanobaba in Tokyo, Japan; tickets will go on sale on February 24 at 3.00am PST / 6am EST / 8.00pm JST. The premiere will be followed immediately by the first Japanese Calling event on May 18, and a Battle Hardened event on May 19. There will be over $20,000 USD in prizes, “among other exclusive prizes yet to be revealed”.

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Flesh and Blood’s expansion into Japan will also open up new opportunities for Japanese fans to progress through local events towards the US Pro Play circuit, which – with a $1.5 million prize pool – Legend Story Studios calls the “world’s biggest TCG organized play programme”.

Details are light about the set itself. According to the publisher, it “will draw players deep into the cloaked valleys of the land of Misteria, where tradition, desire, and purpose reshapes the mind, body, and soul”. The set will feature a new talent “unlike anything players have seen before” – but what that might be is mysterious. More details about the set will be revealed at Pro Tour LA on March 21.

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It’s much more common for TCGs to start in Japan and make the transition to the West – we’re looking at you, Pokémon TCG and YuGiOh TCG – so it’s nice to see a Western company return the favor. In return, we hope to get more news soon about some classic Japanese TTRPGs that are due to be translated into English for the first time this year, and that Final Fantasy 14 TTRPG that Square Enix teased last year.