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For The King 2 release date revealed as November 2

For The King 2, a sequel to the TTRPG inspired roguelike videogame, is due to release on November 2, says its publisher and developer.

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Curve Games and Iron Oak Games have announced the For The King 2 release date, so we now know when to expect the strategy RPG sequel. According to a press release from October 5, For The King 2 will release on Steam on November 2.

The original For The King is a roguelike RPG inspired by tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. It simulates the feeling of rolling DnD dice around a table, letting you pick a class and go a-questing in a Medieval fantasy setting. Alone or as a group, you can explore its randomly-generated maps, encountering various quests, enemies, and treasure in a turn-based fantasy adventure.

Its sequel follows the same beats, but with a handful of new mechanics, classes, and areas to explore. For The King 2 also features a feature that the press release says was highly requested by fans – four-player co-op mode.

You can see more of For The King 2 in the official release trailer:

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Upon release, For The King 2 will be available for $24.99 (£19.99). Anyone who pre-purchase the game will get a 10% discount and “a variety of exclusive pre-purchase gifts to aid them in their quest to free Fahrul from tyranny”.

“As a small studio of thirteen, we’re so proud of the work we’ve put into For The King 2”, says Iron Oak Games director Sterling Anderson. “We’ve worked hard developing new gameplay innovations, features and systems that have built on the successful For The King experience to make it even more enjoyable.”

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