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Paradox’s next game looks like 3D Factorio

Paradox has announced a publishing partnership with Channel 3 Entertainment, working on the upcoming factory building simulator, Foundry.

There’s another new Paradox game on the way – this time a procedurally generated factory building game called Foundry. Published by Paradox, and developed by newly formed studio Channel 3 Entertainment, the game will see you building a factory in a randomized world. You’ll start out collecting resources by hand, then build and research up to a sci-fi style hive of industry, full of conveyor belts and automation.

Foundry has been in development since 2018, and started out as a one-person project. It has been out and about in Alpha form for early testers since 2020, but it’s just now been picked up by Paradox as publisher. “Being published by Paradox Interactive allows us to fulfill the vision and ambitions we have for Foundry,” explains Channel 3 VP Patrik Meder. Fans of Paradox’s grand strategy games new to Foundry will have the opportunity to try the game out shortly, with a new demo during Steam Next Fest, from October 9-16.

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Another first-person factory building game, Satisfactory is the obvious point of comparison for Foundry, though the developer says they were originally inspired by Factorio. If you ask us, there’s a bit of Minecraft in Foundry’s DNA too, with a fully-destructible, voxel-based procedurally generated world containing multiple biomes.

A press release tells us you can build your perfect factory in anything from a deep, dark mine to a mountaintop or luscious jungle, though we don’t yet know if these environments will change much about your gameplay beyond aesthetics.

Foundry paradox screenshot of robots

Foundry will have co-op gameplay, so you can explore and build factories together, playing as these cute little colorful robot guys. We’ve not received word on what the factories in Foundry are actually producing, so we’re going to assume it’s something really embarrassing. A release date for the project is yet to be announced.

Word of this new Paradox publishing partnership comes just a couple of weeks after the studio announced another new title, the turn based game Millennia, which gives us big Civilization vibes. Check out our favorite Paradox games, featured in our best 4x games guide. And don’t miss out on these superb strategy board games.