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Undaunted Normandy designers announce new WW2 board game

Osprey is set to publish General Orders: WWII, the latest board game from the designers of Undaunted: Normandy and Undaunted: North Africa

General Orders WW2 board game box art from Osprey Publishing

Osprey Games has unveiled a new World War 2 board game from the designers of the Undaunted tabletop series. David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin’s next game, General Orders: WWII, was revealed in an Osprey Blog post on March 15. Osprey claims General Orders: WWII will be “the first ever worker-placement wargame”.

Like many of the best WW2 games, this new two-player title lets you take command of the Axis and the Allies and vie for control of a particular area. The specific battlefields you’ll fight on this time are the mountains of Italy and the islands of the Pacific. Games reportedly take around 30 minutes to complete, in which you’ll need to secure supply lines, protect against aerial and artillery attacks, and gain assets to unlock special abilities.

Osprey says we can expect the game to release in October, and the first playable previews will take place at Gen Con in August.

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Thompson and Benjamin shared a statement as part of Wednesday’s blog post. “We’re extremely excited about General Orders”, they say. “It’s a game where we really wanted to do something completely new – to leverage the ideas and concepts in worker placement games to drive the action in a war-themed game.” “The end result is something we’re very proud of, a tight, tense, quick-playing hybrid game that fuses different genres into something fresh and exciting.”

We consider Undaunted: Normandy one of the best board games you can play these days, so expectations for General Orders: WWII are already pretty high. If you’re looking to stage more historical battles from home, you might like our guides to the best war board games and WW1 board games, too.