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Heroscape board game is back, despite canned crowdfunder

Classic miniature board game Heroscape is getting a new edition, despite Avalon Hill’s crowdfunding campaign failing to hit its goal in 2023.

Heroscape Age of Annihilation board game contents - 3D hex-grid tiles with plastic figures fighting over them, including an orange dragon with purple wings, and polar-bear people

In long-awaited news for fans of the Heroscape board game, the classic strategy game will get a spread of new releases this year. Although publisher Avalon Hill declared its project to resurrect the game dead in November 2022, after a crowdfunding campaign failed to meet its target, new publisher Renegade Game Studios has five box sets on the way.

Heroscape was first published in 2004, and attracted a large following of fans with its neat interlocking hex tile terrain and quirky science-fantasy miniatures. It’s a miniature wargame as approachable as the best board games, and – thanks to Hasbro’s enviable reach into toy stores the world over – it was an entry point into the hobby for thousands of people worldwide.

Renegade Game Studios has announced five items for the first wave of Heroscape: Age of Annihilation releases this year, which will all be compatible with the previous version of Heroscape. All five are available to pre-order from the Renegade games store, though a precise launch date isn’t given.

Heroscape board game Age of Annihilation Master Set box

Age of Annihilation Master Set

  • 20 assembled, unpainted miniatures
  • Nine scenarios
  • 94 tiles providing 330 hexes of terrain
  • $125

Age of Annihilation Master Set Premium Painted Edition

  • As above, with painted miniatures
  • $225

Heroscape board game Battle for the Wellspring starter box set

Battle for the Wellspring Battle Box

  • Six assembled, unpainted miniatures
  • Four scenarios
  • 31 tiles providing 104 hexes of terrain
  • $45

Battle for the Wellspring Battle Box Premium Painted Edition

  • As above, with painted miniatures
  • $65

Heroscape board game Laur trees scenery pack

The Grove at Laur’s Edge Terrain Pack

  • Three interlocking jungle trees, up to 6” tall
  • Six Laur underbrush pieces
  • $50

The first hints of a Heroscape revival came when Avalon Hill attempted to raise the funds for a new ‘Age of Annihilation’ edition in 2022. The publisher sought $2 million via the Hasbro Pulse crowdfunding platform. 8,000 fans needed to pledge $250 for the Vanguard Edition of the game for the campaign to be successful.

The campaign made it about halfway to its goal before Avalon Hill pulled the plug, stating that Heroscape was effectively “shelved, and there are no current plans to attempt a resurrection at this time”.

However, fans’ “unwavering support inspired [Hasbro] to explore new avenues to sustain and engage with the Heroscape community”, according to Hasbro’s Senior Director of Global Toys, Bradley Bowman.

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That led to the partnership with Renegade Game Studios, a prolific studio that has published some excellent games, including family board game The Fox in the Forest, strategy board game Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, and tabletop roleplaying game Kids on Bikes.

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