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Lego Friends Central Perk review - could it be any better?

The Lego Friends Central Perk set offers a wonderful display item. It is teeming with references from one of the most iconic 90’s sitcoms.

Our Verdict

This Lego Friends set is a wonderful tribute to the show which is filled to the brim with wonderful little details and references.

In this Lego Friends Central Perk review, we’ll be looking at one of the most iconic sets from one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. Should you add it to your collection of the best Lego movie sets best Lego sets for adults? Of course you should – but read on to find out why.

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way? *Clap clap clap clap* Your job’s a joke, you’re broke. Your love life’s DOA…” Well, here is one small perk, a Central Perk that is, made completely out of the best building material, Lego! It’s the Lego Friends Central Perk set. Could it be any better?

Just looking at this set brings to mind Monica shouting “I know!” Joey eating jam, Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat!”, Chandler documenting his jokes, and Ross and Rachel’s first kiss! It’s ideal for all Friends fans who want a statement piece to showcase their love for the sitcom. Created by the fans for the fans as one of the best Lego Ideas sets, this set is fabulous.


Lego Friends Central Perk review image showing the cafe's name on a window.


Lego Ideas Central Perk specs:

Model number 21319
Build time
Roughly 3 hours
Number of pieces
Number of minifigures 7
Dimensions 11cm high, 29cm wide and 22cm deep

Lego Friends Central Perk review image showing the Phoebe minifigure.


Priced at around $100 (£85.00) the Central Perk set has increased in price since Lego discontinued it, but it is well worth the investment. This set was retired in 2019 but you can still find it on Amazon and other online retailers easily. If you fancy adding this to your collection but are wary of the slightly higher price tag, keep in mind that this will likely only increase as time goes by.

Lego Friends Central Perk photo of the Rachel minifigure.


Looking at the Lego Coffee House is like stepping into the early days of Central Perk. What makes this set a gem is its meta twist – it’s a model of the coffee house set! They’ve thrown in some stage lights to capture the sitcom set vibes. Now, let’s talk about the details. Those green pillars? Yep, they’re here. The red, white, and green curtain in the back? Present and correct. And don’t overlook the umbrella and coat stand, complete with a black umbrella. Could it be a nod to Ross from the pilot episode? Understandably the seating area in this model is a lot smaller than in the show. The coffee counter is a lot smaller too, but still oozes intricate design.

In the Minifigure department, this set contains a whopping seven. You get the whole gang; Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe. And Gunter! Each character comes with their own unique accessory. For instance, Joey sports his man bag, meanwhile Phoebe “nails the old lady” with her guitar. Chandler has his laptop with “twelve megabytes of RAM, 500MB hard drive. Built-in spreadsheet capabilities, and a modem that transmits at over 28,000 BPS” which he uses for “games and stuff.”

Again there is so much attention to detail. For instance, Monica is wearing the outfit she wears in the pilot, and every one of them has an outfit you’ll recognize from classic episodes. All have reversible heads so you can change their expression too, making them more expressive for any specific scenes you might want to create.

The iconic orange sofa area and the back table can be detached from the set offering versatile display options. Although this is a nifty feature, one might ponder “Why would one want to disassemble these delightful pieces? Another very minor downside is that some elements detach fairly easily. While cleaning the model, the green pillars detached and I struggled to put them back in the correct place without a reference image.

Lego Friends Central Perk review image showing the Chandler, Monica, and Ross minifigures sitting on the sofa at the table.

Ease of assembly

This set is conveniently divided into six different bags, making the building process smooth and organized. You’ll start by constructing the base, then add the walls, and finally, the intricate details that truly bring this piece to life. The instruction booklet, as expected from Lego, is exceptionally detailed and provides step-by-step guidance that’s a breeze to follow. As a delightful bonus, it offers insights into the show and a glimpse into the creative minds behind this set’s design.

While it may not be the most challenging set to build, that’s far from a drawback. It’s perfect for those cozy evenings when you can pop on your favorite Friends episodes and enjoy a relaxing, nostalgia-filled building experience.

Lego Friends Central Perk review showing the back of the cafe.


Don’t fancy paying potentially highly inflated rates for a retired product? Well, there is another Lego Friends set that is still being produced: the Friends Apartments. This one gives you all of the six main characters, plus Janice. However, if you’re a die-hard Gunther fan, you’re going to have to buy the Central Perk set, as his minifigure isn’t in this one.

However, if you are tempted by this one (and, of course, hardcore fans will get both), keep in mind that it’s about twice the size of Central Perk and, as such, costs more than it. At the very least, you know you’re paying the RRP and not a scarcity-induced premium (and once this one is discontinued, you know it’ll go up too, so you may as well buy it now).

Lego Friends Central Perk review image showing all the minifigures together on the sofa.

Final verdict

Mark 25 years of Friends’ beloved sitcom with this fantastic Lego rendition of the iconic Central Perk Coffee House. Critiquing this set was no easy task, as it shines in many aspects. The minifigure selection is spot-on, capturing the essence of each character. Likewise, the design mirrors the show’s Central Perk brilliantly.

While it may not present a formidable building challenge, it excels in providing a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing construction experience. Sometimes, the joy of reliving the beloved Friends moments through Lego is just as rewarding as the build itself. It’s one of the best Lego sets for adults that I’ve ever seen.