Best Lego Ideas sets 2023

The best Lego Ideas sets are made for the fans, by the fans, depicting big names from Disney to The Office - here we've picked out our favorites.

Best Lego Ideas sets - image shows a Lego lighthouse and Winnie the Pooh set.

Lego Ideas sets offer fans the opportunity to turn their ideas for Lego kits into reality. This division of Lego was launched in 2008 as an offshoot of the Japanese company Cuusoo; this is also why this division was formerly known as Lego Cuusoo before being rebranded as Ideas.

Fans can submit their idea, and when/if their design reaches enough votes then it can get made into a real product. These sets often have details about the sets’ concepts and their designers in the instructions booklet and are usually among the best Lego sets for adults. Admittedly, they’re usually on the pricier side, so you’re not going to find any of the best cheap Lego sets here. Check out our favorite sets to have gone through the Ideas process.

Here are the best Lego Ideas sets for 2023:

Best Lego Ideas sets: the Motorized Lighthouse.

1. Lego Motorised Lighthouse

The Motorised Lighthouse is the best Lego Ideas set.

Lego Motorized Lighthouse specs:

Model number 21335
Build time Roughly 4 hours
Number of pieces 2065
Number of minifigures 2

This set is stunning. It is one of the larger Ideas sets and is an impressive showstopper. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also has working functions. Sandro Quattrini submitted this Lego idea and the finished product isn’t too far off the original concept.

Money-wise it costs $299.99 (£259.99), but this price is fair considering all the technical bits included. Though not a lot of retailers stock it, it is available on the Lego website. It contains 2065 pieces and its 18+ recommended age reflects the fact that this is a more challenging build. It stands at 54cm high, 25cm wide and 25cm deep and comes with 2 minifigures: a lighthouse keeper and a sailor. It also includes a seagull and a cat figure.

This set features a battery box and a motor to power the lighthouse’s rotating light. (The cottage’s fireplace also glows!) Lego has introduced a new element to concentrate light like a real Fresnel lens. The components responsible for this function are neatly hidden away in the base of the set within the rocky area. You can lift the lid off the cottage to reveal its wonderfully detailed contents from a birdseye view or open the side of the lighthouse to see the ladder that takes you all the way to the top. This set is sure to guide you home.

Best Lego Ideas sets: Sonic the Hedgehog. Image shows Sonic on the set, in front of the original Sonic game.

2. Lego Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone

The Sonic the Hedgehog set is totally radical.

Lego Green Hill Zone specs:

Model number 21331
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 1125
Number of minifigures 1

This Lego set will transport you back to the nostalgic world of 1991. Relive hours spent sitting in front of the CRT TV, immersed in playing Sonic on your Mega Drive/Sega Genesis. Reminisce about bopping along to the banging soundtrack or the frustration of losing your last life in the lava-filled Marble Zone. Ah, those were the days before memory cards  –  when you ran out of lives, it was game over! The set includes a Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure, Dr Robotnik in a buildable flying egg mobile, Moto Bug (with two face plate options), and Crabmeat enemies.

Beautifully designed to resemble the iconic Green Hill Zone, this Lego stage has it all – palm trees, ability TVs, a continue sign, a loop-de-loop and a spring to launch Sonic into the air, just like in the game. The iconic checkered pattern, true to the source material, adds a wonderful touch.

With 1125 pieces, this set offers a wonderful nostalgic display item. It stands at 17cm high, 36cm wide, and 6cm deep. Included is a display stand for Sonic, along with the 7 Chaos emeralds. The plaque displaying Sonic’s lives is a standout detail. Without a doubt, this set is fabulous. And if you’re a fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that Lego has recently released more sets in the Sonic range. So, there’s even more fun to be had with Sonic and his friends!

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Best Lego Ideas sets: Friends Central Perk. Image shows the set assembled with all the characters in it.

3. Lego Friends – Central Perk

The Friends Central Perk set is the best TV tie-in.

Lego Central Perk specs:

Model number 21319
Build time Roughly 2.5 hours
Number of pieces 1070
Number of minifigures 7

Could this set be any more awesome? What’s not to like? Minifigures: good. Set design: good. References: good. This set was created to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the TV show, and it’s been a massive hit, so much so that a second set, the Friends Apartments, has since been released.

It contains the entire group in minifigure form; Chandler, Monica, Joey, Pheobe, Ross, and Rachel, and also Gunther. All minifigures have alternate expressions as well as accessories, for instance, Joey has a pizza, Pheobe has her guitar, and Chandler has his laptop.

Display options for this set are fantastic. You can showcase the inside of the coffee house by facing it inwards or turning it around to see its exterior, complete with a poster for Ichiban, Lipstick for Men. Moreover, the interior of the coffee shop has removable areas, allowing you to arrange it as you please.

With 1070 pieces, the set measures 29cm high, 50cm wide, and 22cm deep. Though it does not offer a massive building challenge, it still promises a delightful building experience. While it is retired, you can still find it on Amazon. So no one told you life was gonna be this way? What, with all the cool Lego sets?

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Best Lego Ideas sets: The Big Bang Theory. Imagw shows all the minifigures sitting in the iconic living room.

4. Lego Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Lego set has the best minifigure line-up.

Lego Big Bang Theory specs:

Model number 21302
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 484
Number of minifigures 7

The Big Bang Theory is arguably a cult classic which has made many people chuckle as well as giving a mainstream insight into the life of someone who loves all things science and superheroes… finally we have representation! No wonder it has been turned into a Lego set.

The set’s design showcases Sheldon’s and Leonard’s iconic living room, complete with many gubbins from the TV show like the DNA statue, whiteboard, and telescope. Just looking at this set exudes thoughts of the gang gathered around the coffee table digging into a delicious Chinese takeaway… Did I mention you even get a little Lego takeaway? Oh, and you get the whole gang in Minifigure form too. Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and, Bernadette are all here. Of course, you can put Sheldon in his spot.

In regard to its price, this set has gained value since its retirement, making it a valuable investment due to its rarity. Measuring 8cm high, 22cm wide, and 12cm deep, and with 484 pieces, it’s the perfect compact display item. Bazinga! This set is fabulous.

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Best Lego Ideas sets: Doctor Who. Image shows the Lego TARDIS set, along with all the minifigures.

5. Lego Doctor Who

This is the best sci-fi Lego set.

Lego Doctor Who specs:

Model number 21304
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 625
Number of minifigures 4

This set was discontinued in 2015, but you can still find it easily enough online (though at an understandably inflated price). With a new series of Dr Who just around the corner, this set is a fabulous way to show your appreciation for the longest-running science fiction TV show. It looks very impressive on display. Why not commission some custom minifigures? You could join the Doctor on his adventures! (I did that)

This set was released in the earlier days of Ideas. It comes with 4 minifigures, all of which are very detailed. Choose if you would like to display the set with Matt Smith’s or Peter Capaldi’s doctor. And of course, the set comes with dependable Clara, a weeping angle (with a reversible head), and also 2 buildable Daleks. Even in tiny Lego form, these are scary – luckily you also get a tiny Sonic Screwdriver!

The central console is detachable from the police box. Once removed the box folds up. This set is 625 pieces and so is a smaller set, but quite fiddly as the central console is made up of lots of small pieces. Losing a piece amongst the pile of Lego can add to the building time.
Whizz through Lego space and time with this Lego Tardis.

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Best Lego Ideas sets: the Lego Typewriter.

6. Lego Typewriter

The Typewriter is the most realistic Lego set.

Lego Typewriter specs:

Model number 21327
Build time Roughly 5 hours
Number of pieces 2079
Number of minifigures 0

This set is outstanding. Its resemblance to an actual typewriter is so striking that one can hardly believe it’s made from Lego! The credit for this remarkable design goes to Steve Guinness, a devoted fan of both Lego and vintage typewriters.

With 2079 pieces this set is a true marvel. It comes with a sturdy display stand and measures 27cm high, 33cm wide, and 11cm deep. The attention to detail is what sets this typewriter apart with features like the carriage return lever and the platen meticulously recreated. The most fascinating part is that you can actually press the keys! The construction process is incredibly intricate and offers a challenging building experience, even for the most seasoned Lego builders.

But that’s not all, this set also includes a letter from Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, the grandson of Lego’s founder. This letter is written in 43 languages, one for each country where Lego products are sold. Though a bit expensive, this set is undoubtedly worth every penny. It’s a project you can truly sink your teeth into. So, if you have a passion for Lego and a love for typewriters, this set is an absolute must-have in your collection.

Best Lego Ideas sets: Tales of the Space Age. Image shows the set constructed.

7. Tales of the Space Age

Tales of the Space Age is the best minimalist Lego set.

Tales of the Space Age specs:

Model number 21340
Build time Roughly 20 minutes
Number of pieces 688
Number of minifigures 0

Fan designer Jan Woznica expressed, “Outer space is awesome! I love exploring new worlds imagined by great creators.” And this set truly lives up to that excitement, paying homage to 1980s sci-fi with each scene beautifully honoring iconic myths, films, posters, and books of that era. The Lego community adores captivating Lego display items that can be mounted on the wall, and this set perfectly marries that desire with an interstellar theme, making it an absolute gem.

Released this year, the set is  one of the cheapest Lego Ideas sets at just $49.99 (£44.99). It consists of 688 pieces and so is a smaller set, but still features 4 buildable scenes, a space station, a rocket launch, a lunar lander, and a UFO. Each scene is designed in a convenient postcard-sized format, standing at 14cm high, 9cm wide, and 3cm deep. You have the freedom to display them together or separately, either as freestanding models or hung on the wall, turning any space into an intergalactic showcase.

The colors in this set truly pop, adding an eye-catching vibrancy to the scenes. Additionally, it comes with a separate building instructions booklet, presenting a perfect opportunity for group-building fun. Embrace your imagination and customize this set to your heart’s content. For further inspiration and insights, don’t forget to explore this fabulous article on the Lego website. With this wondrous Tales of the Space Age set, let your creativity soar beyond the stratosphere.

Best Lego Ideas sets: The Office. Image shows the set constructed with minifigures walking around on it.

8. Lego The Office

This Office set is the truest to form.

Lego The Office specs:

Model number 21336
Build time  Roughly 1.5 hours
Number of pieces 1164
Number of minifigures  15

Following the success of The Big Bang Theory and Friends Lego sets, it’s no surprise that The Office has also been embraced by fans in Lego form. This set is impressive with 1164 pieces, standing tall at 31cm high, 28cm wide, and 35cm deep. It’s a must-have for any fan of the show.

What sets this set apart is its whopping 15 Minifigures, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of beloved characters. From Dwight, Jim, Pam, to Ryan, Angela, Oscar, and more – they’re all here! Even Angela’s cat, Garbage. Notably, 12 of these Minifigures come with alternative expressions. Display Dwight happy with Angela or fuming about the infamous desk incident in the bathroom.

The Lego office layout mirrors its TV counterpart, adding an authentic touch that fans will undoubtedly appreciate. It’s almost tempting to wonder if anyone left a Lego “surprise” in Michael’s office! This set is brimming with references that any devoted fan would recognize, from Dwight’s stapler in jelly to the coveted Dundie award. Let’s not forget Kevin’s spilled chili! With such attention to detail, The Office Lego set stands as an exceptional tribute to the beloved TV show, bringing the Dunder Mifflin workplace right into the hands of its dedicated fans.

Best Lego Ideas sets: Winnie the Pooh. Image shows Pooh and friends hanging around outside a tree.

9. Lego Winnie the Pooh

The Winnie the Pooh Lego set is the most nostalgic.

Lego Winnie the Pooh specs:

Model number 21326
Build time Roughly 1.5 hours
Number of pieces 1265
Number of minifigures 5

Winnie the Pooh, a timeless classic that enriched the childhoods of many, is lovingly celebrated in this set, as chosen by the fans. It includes all our favorite friends – Pooh, Piglet (with a scarf), Tiger, Rabbit, and Eeyore.

The set’s beautiful design showcases Pooh’s house nestled under an oak tree in the Hundred-Acre Wood, complete with leaves and honey pots brimming with bees. A charming little direction sign points the way to the 100 Acre-Woods. Inside Pooh’s house, a delightful surprise awaits, a humble and cozy interior with his armchair, a Pooh-coo Clock, honey pots, a storybook, and Poohsticks, all reminiscent of his adventures.

Measuring 24cm high, 18cm wide, and 22cm deep, this set is readily available on the Lego website. With 1265 pieces, it’s the perfect nostalgic display item. Gather Pooh and his friends around the fire to share a well-deserved pot of honey, and let the fond memories of childhood come flooding back.

How we picked the best Lego Ideas sets

When putting this list together there were several key points that help qualify different sets for inclusion:

  • Value for money: We want to ensure we put forward the sets which are the best value for money. We’re not going to recommend anything that’s really expensive but doesn’t earn that price tag. When it comes to Lego Ideas sets, you should be prepared to spend at least around $100 as many of them are more expensive options.
  • Minifigures: Everybody loves Minifigures, and for some of these sets, they’re one of the biggest selling points (like The Office). If they’re you’re favourite part of any Lego set, don’t worry – we have our eyes peeled for them.
  • Building complexity: We’ve included some sets which are a challenge to build, while others offer a more relaxing experience. Everyone prefers something different, and that’s okay.
  • Authenticity: We like to feature the sets which are closest to their real-life counterpart. If a set doesn’t like quite right, it just rubs the wrong way.
  • Variety: We don’t just stick to the same kind of set  – we’ve gone for variety, including sets based on popular media franchises, pieces of architecture, and more.

For more Lego recommendations, read our guide on the best Lego architecture sets. If you prefer sets based on film and TV, our best Lego Star Wars sets and best Lego Lord of the Rings sets might make for better reading.