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Best cheap Lego sets

These affordable Lego sets provide fun on a lower budget. We've picked top Lego sets under $50 including Harry Potter, the Disney Castle, and more.

Looking for the best cheap Lego sets? Lego sets don’t have to cost a fortune, and the options we’ve found below are perfect for those of us on a budget. If you want something beautiful, quirky, or some memorabilia from your favorite movie, we’ve got you covered.

Lego is renowned for good quality products. The plastic bricks are made to stand the test of time. Whether you’re going for the cheapest Lego sets or the most expensive Lego sets, you are still guaranteed a premium product. This list contains some of the best Lego sets for adults and kids alike, and every single one of them costs less than $50 (£45), going by the cost in the Official Lego Store.

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Lego Mini Disney Castle

Best cheap Lego set

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Lego Mini Disney Castle specifications:
Model number 40478
Build time Roughly 1 hour
Number of pieces 567
Number of minifigures 1
Recommended age 12+
Reasons to buy
  • Perfect little Disney castle
  • Has toy value and works great as a display piece
Reasons to avoid
  • May lead to an expensive Lego castle addiction

The Mini Disney Castle is a fun addition to all Disney fans’ homes. For the low price, you more than get your money’s worth. This set celebrates the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. What better way is there to celebrate than having your own tiny version of Cinderella’s castle?

This set is made up of 567 pieces. The castle itself is made up of mini bricks, but it also comes with a full-size Mickey Mouse Minifigure. Despite its small stature, this set has a sound structure and has quite an intricate building method. This set measures 21cm high and 14cm wide. It is incredibly detailed. It is embellished with a golden tower and shiny blue rooftops. It looks just like the real castle!

Even though the castle is completely enclosed, from a birdseye view you can see within where you can see a tile featuring Cinerella’s glass slipper and another featuring the Disney castle. How delightful!

Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam

Best cheap Lego Super Mario set

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Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam specifications:
Model number 71421
Build time Roughly 1 hour
Number of pieces 174
Number of minifigures No traditional minifigures, but it includes Lego versions of Dixie Kong and Squawks
Recommended age 7+
Reasons to buy
  • Lego Dixie Kong is fantastic
  • Cleverly designed stage
  • Squawks is a nice bonus
Reasons to avoid
  • Lights a bit fiddly
  • Lego Mario required for interactions
  • No traditional minifigures

The Lego Super Mario range is pretty expansive and these days it even includes a Lego Donkey Kong sub-series. The series differs a lot from other Lego sets in that they’re more like obstacle courses than dioramas, designed for you to navigate a Lego Mario figure through as he makes lots of interactive noises. This one, however, is a lovely little scene that both looks fantastic and pays a fitting tribute to the game.

For me, at least, it’s pretty darn cool that you can even get a Lego version of Dixie Kong. Though a little underrated, she’s one of the formative female characters of videogames – and she’s cool too. Though this particular range doesn’t have standard Lego minifigures, I think it would have been hard to capture Dixie (and Squawks) properly in that style anyway.

Dixie has been associated with the electric guitar since her first appearance, and this set builds on that notion, giving her a whole stage to perform on. It’s quick and easy to build, but it looks great and is even quite interactive since you can rotate the different parts of the set. If you have a Lego Mario figure, he will sing on the stage too – it’s a shame you need to buy that in order to enjoy everything this set has to offer, but it is a very small extra.

Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter

Best cheap Lego Star Wars set

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Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter specifications:
Model number 75363
Build time Less than 1 hour
Number of pieces 88
Number of minifigures 2
Recommended age 6+
Reasons to buy
  • Very cute
  • Fun small details
Reasons to avoid
  • Not screen accurate
  • Very small

Because of the success of the IP, the best Star Wars Lego sets tend to carry a pretty big price tag. Fortunately, there are still sets, like The Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter Microfighter, that remain affordable even to those with much smaller budgets.

Though they are much newer additions to the endlessly expanding world of Star Wars, I feel that Din Djarin (a.k.a. The Mandalorian) and Grogu (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) have quickly cemented themselves as some of the most iconic characters in that universe. This set contains Lego minifigures of both of them, as well as a miniature version of the ship that they flew in during the third season of the show.

If you’re after 100% screen-accurate version of the N-1 Starfighter, you’re not going to get it. What you do get, however, is a cute little version that lets both minifigures ride in it like it’s an open-top car. It’d be a delightful addition to your desk and younger fans will love playing with it too.

Batmobile Pursuit

Best cheap Lego Batman set

Today’s best deals
Batmobile Pursuit specifications:
Model number 76264
Build time Less than one hour
Number of pieces 54
Number of minifigures 2
Recommended age 4+
Reasons to buy
  • Includes Batman and Joker
  • Cute mini Batmobile
Reasons to avoid
  • Only one seat in the car
  • Batman a bit mischievous

Batman Lego sets have been around for a long time, as it was one of the first IPs that Lego got the license for (along with Star Wars and Harry Potter). Of course, Lego cars have been around even longer, and Lego Batmobiles are some truly quintessential Lego sets.

While there are some really expensive Lego Batmobiles, you can also get others that don’t carry such a massive price tag. This cute little set is a perfect example – not only does it give a neat little open-roof version of the Batmobile to sit in, but it includes minifigures of both Batman and The Joker.

I don’t really like Batman’s cheeky little grin – it seems kind of out of character, though it does make me think of Will Arnett’s version of the character. Also, if you have a Lego Robin, you can’t put him (or her) in the car with Batman, as it’s a one-seater. Really, I’m not picking though – it’s a lovely set for play or display.

Lego Mini Palace of Agrabah

Best cheap Disney Princess set

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Lego Mini Palace of Agrabah specifications:
Model number 40613
Build time Roughly 1.5 hours
Number of pieces 506
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended Age 12+
Reasons to buy
  • Incredibly cute
  • Looks like a fabulous little abstract sculpture
Reasons to avoid
  • Perhaps too abstract if you like characters and minifigures

Disney is undoubtedly opening “A Whole New World” of Lego sets to commemorate its 100-year milestone. Aladdin enthusiasts will be enchanted by the Lego Palace of Agrabah. This miniature set serves as an excellent addition, whether displayed alongside the Mini Disney Castle or standing proudly on its own.

It measures 15 cm high, 14 cm wide and 16 cm deep. Despite its compact scale, it impeccably captures intricate details like the printed brick to portray Jasmine’s balcony. The vivid hues, ranging from matte gold to rich burgundy, exude an aura of royal opulence. Meanwhile, the purple magic carpet and teal turrets offer charming and captivating contrasts.

This set comprises 506 pieces and delivers an enjoyable building experience. The sole drawback is the absence of a Minifigure, though one might argue that it’s unnecessary. Priced at a very reasonable $39.99 (£39.99) and exclusively available through the Lego store, this set is a must-have for Disney fans!

Lego Piñata

The ultimate cheap and cheerful set

Today’s best deals
Lego Piñata specifications:
Model number 40644
Build time Roughly 30 minutes
Number of pieces 206
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 8+
Reasons to buy
  • Incredibly colorful
  • Clever joints
  • Gorgeous little display piece
Reasons to avoid
  • Do not eat the candy!

A piñata is typically made from papier-mache. It is usually filled with sweets and a blindfolded person whacks it with a stick until it breaks and all the treats fall out. In this day and age, Piñatas come in all shapes and sizes– you can get Lego brick-shaped ones– and now you can even get one made of Lego!

This one comes in the more traditional donkey design and is super colorful. The bright pink color is beautiful. It has a posable head, neck, tail, legs, and ears. It has exceptional detail for a set that only has 206 pieces. That being said, the pieces are small so can be a challenge for those who struggle with smaller pieces. The piñata even opens up and holds small colorful bricks to replicate the sweets that fall out.

This set is an ideal birthday present for Lego fans. You could even hide another present within. Earrings perhaps? Or a note to start a treasure hunt? The chamber inside is big enough to fit about 8 tiny Lego pieces though, so it would have to be a small surprise. It is very cleverly designed. Its size does not compromise its brilliance.

Upscaled Lego Minifigure

Best cheap nostalgic Lego set

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Upscaled Lego Minifigure specifications:
Model number 40649
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 654
Number of minifigures 1
Recommended age 10+
Reasons to buy
  • The ultimate statement of minifigure fandom
  • Can guard your other minifigures like a magic statue
Reasons to avoid
  • Will give your other minifigures size anxiety

This set offers a twist on the classic minifigure design as this one is massive measuring 27cm tall compared to the standard figure which is around 4cm. This set contains 654 pieces and  is idyllic for all Lego fans, especially those of us who collect minifigures.

It is a buildable model, so don’t worry, it’s not a case of taking a large torso and attaching a large head to it. In fact, it features an opening in the model’s hat that hides a little control panel with a regular-sized Lego Minifigure to control it. (Getting Power Ranger vibes here!) Its head, arms, legs, and hands are also moveable! You could make your giant Minifigure do the splits if you fancied!

Lego Money Tree

Best cheap decorative set

Today’s best deals
Lego Money Tree specifications:
Model number 40648
Build time Roughly 1 hour
Number of pieces 336
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 9+
Reasons to buy
  • A gorgeous sculpture
  • Incredibly satisfying little build
Reasons to avoid
  • Does not produce real money

Wouldn’t it be grand if money trees really did exist? Well, they technically do in Lego form! Chinese legend dictates that the holy money tree can bring fortune and prosperity. It symbolizes wealth and honor. The tree looks impressive and is perfect to celebrate Chinese New Year or to keep up all year as a display item.

The tree is adorned with 20 tangerines, 13 red envelopes, and 10 coins. The tree is rich in color as the red and gold pot offers a lovely contrast against the green of the leaves and the orange of the fruit.

This Lego set has a sound structure using a central beam at its center to prevent breakage. It is simple to assemble with very clear straightforward instructions. This set is literally built from the ground up and is 16cm high.

Lego Exotic Parrot

Best cheap Lego Creator set

Today’s best deals
Lego Exotic Parrot specifications:
Model number 31114
Build time Roughly 1 hour
Number of pieces 253
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 7+
Reasons to buy
  • Beautiful model that works as a toy or a display piece
  • Two variant builds
  • Great for all ages
Reasons to avoid
  • Will not talk to you
  • As with all Ideas kits, will need repairing if it’s regularly used as a toy.

This set is great value for money. Why? Because it is a part of the creator range and is a 3 in 1 set. Choose to build the parrot, frog, or fish. This set also comes in two colors, blue and pink.

This set allows you to get creative while offering a great display item. Each model has poseable qualities. The parrot can rotate on its perch. Its wings and tail also move. The fish’s fins move up and down and the frog has poseable legs. Again the attention to detail really makes this set amazing. If building as the parrot, there are three different shades used for the wings.

It is a small set with 253 pieces. It is a simple build offering no big challenge but can be used to help unwind after a busy day. You can also use the Lego Builder app which allows you to rotate models in 3D. If you have a parrot, it says a lot about you. In this case, as Lego cannot talk, it just emits coolness.

Escape from the Lost Tomb

Best cheap Lego Indiana Jones set

Today’s best deals
Escape from the Lost Tomb specifications:
Model number 77013
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 600
Number of minifigures 4
Recommended age 8+
Reasons to buy
  • A full play set
  • Cunning secrets
Reasons to avoid
  • Definitely a kids Lego set

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) arguably features some of the best practical effects of the 1980s. We’ve all seen the bit where Toht’s face melts off right? No surprise Lego has made a set in its honor and by gosh, does this set look just like its onscreen depiction.

This set comes with 4 minifigures. You get the protagonist Indiana Jones with his iconic hat. Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, and a mummy. This set has great attention to detail, especially considering it is a small set with only 600 pieces. The Anubis statue can fall to reveal a hidden passageway. Not to mention the snakes which decorate the set! “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?”

This set acts as an exquisite piece of nostalgic memorabilia for those of us who have loved the franchise since its genesis. With the release of Indiana Jones and Dial of Destiny (2023), this set also offers kids the chance to dive into Indiana Jones’s adventures in an interactive way. Why not combine this set with other Indiana Jones sets to create the ultimate display piece?

How to find the best cheap Lego sets

Though we’ve cherry-picked a selection of the coolest cheap Lego sets above (trying to cater to the diverse tastes of all Lego fans), if you want to more bargains, you can explore all the cheapest products on the Lego store below:

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Can I get a free Lego set?

Sometimes Lego does special giveaways where, if you spend over a certain amount in their online store, you can get a free little set thrown in as a gift. These usually coincide with public holidays (e.g. Easter and Christmas) but sometimes come randomly too. As these are often exclusives, collectors in particular will want to keep their eye on it.

Do you have to be over 18 to buy Lego?

If you wander into an IRL shop, there are no age restrictions on buying Lego. However, the Official Lego Store online only sells products to adults, so if you are under 18 and wish to purchase something, you will have to get one of your parents to do it for you.

How often does Lego go on sale?

Lego is running sales practically all the time. Though certain products will seldom get any kind of discount, you’ll always be able to find something at a reduced price. Check out the links below:

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