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Best Lego Donkey Kong sets 2024 – which to get

The best Lego Donkey Kong sets give you the beloved Nintendo characters as they appeared in the Donkey Kong Country series of games and are a real treat.

Best Lego Donkey Kong sets combined to bring the whole family together.

The best Lego Donkey Kong sets are sure to delight fans who haven’t had a new standalone game in the series for a decade. At this point in time, there are only four of them, but I hold out hope we’ll get more in future. I’ve given an overview of each one here, and ordered the sets from best to worst – but keep in mind, even the worst Lego Donkey Kong set is one of the best in the overall Lego Super Mario series.

These sets deserve a spot on the list of the best Lego sets for adults, because if, like me, you were a child of the 90s and addicted to the SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy, this is probably something you’ve been waiting for for about 30 years. And of course, just like the other Lego Mario sets, younger fans will go wild for them.

Sadly, they also deserve a spot on the list of the best Lego sets retiring soon, because they are due to be discontinued at the end of 2024 – so make sure you buy them while you can!

Lego Donkey Kong’s Tree House

Best Lego Donkey Kong set overall

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Lego Donkey Kong’s Tree House specifications:
Model number 71424
Build time Roughly 3 hours
Number of pieces 555
Number of minifigures No traditional minifigures, though Lego versions of Donkey and Cranky Kong are included
Recommended age 8+
Reasons to buy
  • Brilliant attention to detail
  • Lego Donkey and Cranky Kong look amazing
  • Interactive and immersive
Reasons to avoid
  • Parts of the house come off easily
  • Some may prefer traditional minifigures

It’s hard not to give this one the top spot because it’s the most iconic in so many ways. This set gives you a Lego Donkey Kong, and a Lego Cranky Kong (and I’m sure fans will appreciate having both generations of Donkey Kong) and in addition to that, it’s built around Donkey Kong’s treehouse. As this location is right at the start of Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong 64, and Donkey Kong Country Returns, it’s sure to be recognizable to most people who have played a Donkey Kong game.

Though based primarily on the Donkey Kong Country Returns treehouse, they all resemble each other to some extent or another. There are loads of lovely extra details, such as shrubs, bananas, tires, bongos, and more, that really help make the set feel atmospheric – and that attention to detail is very much in line with the games themselves. It’d make a great display piece, and even if you don’t have room to keep the whole thing up, the Lego DK alone is a really cool thing for desks or shelves.

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Lego Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam

Best value Lego Donkey Kong set

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Lego Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam specifications:
Model number 71421
Build time Roughly 1 hour
Number of pieces 174
Number of minifigures No traditional minifigures, but it includes Lego versions of Dixie Kong and Squawks
Recommended age 8+
Reasons to buy
  • It’s Lego Dixie Kong!
  • Squawks is a nice addition
  • The stage can rotate
Reasons to avoid
  • On the small side
  • Lights are a bit fiddly

I’d argue that Dixie Kong is one of the most influential female characters in video game history.

Yes, Princess Peach and Samus Aran both had the chance to lead adventures before her. But, in a time when women were usually portrayed as damsels in distress, Dixie Kong was Diddy’s co-star in Donkey Kong Country 2 – and she upstaged him with her amazing hair twirling abilities. I’m delighted that she has her own Lego set – and she’s outclassed Diddy once again, because I think her set is cooler than his.

In addition to Lego Dixie Kong, you get a Lego Squawks, and the two of them have a jungle stage to perform on. Dixie has been shown playing the electric guitar a few times before, and I like that this been expanded in Lego form so we can see her perform concerts on Donkey Kong Island. It’s not as big as Donkey Kong’s treehouse, but I love it, and it makes for an even easier display piece because of its size.

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Lego Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride

Best Lego Donkey Kong set for kids

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Lego Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride specifications:
Model number 71425
Build time Roughly 6 hours
Number of pieces 1157
Number of minifigures No traditional minifigures, though Lego versions of Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, and a mole miner are included
Recommended age 8+
Reasons to buy
  • Funky and Diddy are both great
  • Loads of interactive elements
  • Lovely small details
Reasons to avoid
  • Pricey
  • Made for play, not display

This is the biggest Lego Donkey Kong set, and it pays tribute to one of the most popular and beloved types of level in the series: the mine cart stages! In addition to a Lego Diddy Kong, you also get a Lego Funky Kong (plus his Fly ‘n’ Buy shop), a Lego Mole Miner, a Lego Snaggles (shark), and an elaborate set of mine cart tracks.

I really admire all the fine details here, and how intricate the set is. Press down on a certain part of the track, and Snaggles will jump up; pushing on a detonator makes a rock explode and a banana come out.

For kids, it’s probably the most fun to play with, and the most interactive, but it is very large and unwieldy, and doesn’t really work as a display piece. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and am very glad to have it in my collection – I just like the two above a little more.

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Lego Rambi the Rhino

Cheapest Lego Donkey Kong set

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Lego Rambi the Rhino specifications:
Model number 71420
Build time Less than half an hour
Number of pieces 106
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 7+
Reasons to buy
  • Rare Rambi merch
  • Cool Lego Mario compatibility
  • Inexpensive
Reasons to avoid
  • Not much to it overall
  • It doesn’t have an Animal Buddy crate

This set is a Lego version of Rambi. That’s it. Now, this is pretty cool for a number of reasons: firstly, Rambi is a very important Donkey Kong character and easily the most well-known Animal Buddy (he’s even been referenced in Mario Kart), and second, despite Rambi’s popularity, there really is very little Rambi merch out there. If you’re a dedicated DK collector who’s wanted to get your hands on a Rambi for a long time, this is your lucky day.

Despite this Lego Rambi being – as previously stated – the coolest little grey dude around, it is still only a Lego Rambi, so it doesn’t have quite the same wow-factor as the others. It’s definitely one of the best cheap Lego sets though – and, as a nerdy side-fact, Lego Mario can ride it, and even triggers special music and sound effects when he does. It’s the first time that I’m aware of that Mario has been able to ride Rambi, so if nothing else, it’s a milestone.

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How I ranked the best Lego Donkey Kong sets

I own every one of the sets on this list. I’ve constructed each one, and even used the Lego Mario figure on them to see how he interacts. I’m a lifelong Donkey Kong mega-fan, and the ordering of this list is my honest reflection of which ones I think are best.

While ordered from best to worst, I actually love every single one of the sets and would recommend that fans buy all of them (especially as they’re going out of production at the end of 2024, and will likely rise in price soon after). If you only want to get one, I hope this helps guide you towards a decision.

Lego Super Mario compatibility

Every one of these sets was designed to be compatible with Lego Super Mario. Unlike normal Lego figures, Lego Mario is battery-powered and can scan special Lego pieces and give unique reactions. With these sets, this means, for example, riding on Rambi, having Donkey Kong Country music play, and Rambi sound effects. As an adult, I had fun discovering all the interactions, and I think that this will be an even bigger attraction to kids who will play with them more ardently than me.

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