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Best Lego tables 2024

Looking for a good Lego building table? Whether you want a simple workbench, one for the kids, or a DIY creation, our picks have you covered.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing a person wearing a flat cap leaning over a table full of LEGO in a basement, with many small shelves and drawers of LEGO behind them

The best Lego tables are a must-have for anybody who’s serious about their brick building. You might think that any table is good for this (a table is a table, right?), but if you just use your dining table, you’ll be missing out on the extra surface area, tub-holding holes, storage compartments, and a wealth of other features to make Lego building a breeze.

Many of the best Lego sets for adults (and all of the biggest Lego sets), are going to be multi-day projects and if you’ve not got a dedicated Lego table, you’re going to end up having to leave them half-assembled taking up space in awkward locations around your home. That’s without even going into the toll it’ll take on your back if you’re, for example, building something while you sit on the floor.

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Lifetime Rectangular Folding Table

Best foldable Lego table

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Lifetime Rectangular Folding Table specifications:
Length 70-inches
Height 29-inches
Depth 30-inches
Assembly required No
Materials Plastic (top), resin (frame)
Reasons to buy
  • Reasonable price
  • Nice and big
  • Foldable
Reasons to avoid
  • No special features
  • Basic design
  • Cheaper materials

Not all of us have the luxury of space for a dedicated Lego table, and if that applies to you, we recommend going for a folding table. This option is inexpensive, and it comes fully assembled. Just unfold it wherever you want, and you’ve immediately got a workspace to build all your sets. It’s a decent size and you should have enough room for anything you want to build.

The biggest compromise you’ll be making if you go with this budget choice is that it’s notably made of cheaper materials. I don’t mean that in the sense of it being flimsy and prone to breaking, but in the sense that it just feels a bit tacky, and it’s not exactly an aesthetically charming product either. It looks like a very generic table, but then as it is foldable, you’ll be storing it away from your furniture most of the time anyway.

If you want a product with lots of special features specifically geared towards Lego building or similar projects, you may find this option lacking. There are no storage compartments, no real ways to adjust it, and so on, but we wouldn’t expect that of it as a budget choice.

KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table

Best Lego table for kids

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KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table specifications:
Length 25-inches
Height 16-inches
Depth 23.5-inches
Assembly Yes
Materials Wood
Reasons to buy
  • Decent wooden construction
  • Made for Lego
  • Great internal storage
Reasons to avoid
  • For kids only
  • Not official Lego

If you’re after a Lego building table for a child, then this one is absolutely fantastic. It’s the perfect size for kids to sit down and use on the ground and it features a load of great storage space. When playtime is over and they need to tidy up, all they need to do is open up the top and put the pieces in. This is also a good place to keep any completed builds.

To emphasize, this Lego table is explicitly only for children (and small children at that). We recommend sticking to kids under the age of about 7, otherwise, it’s probably going to be a bit too small for them. Still, if you have any Lego fans of that age, this is fantastic, and the top of the table is even made for building directly onto it.

While the table is compatible with official Lego sets, I should mention that it is not an official Lego product. It does the job perfectly, but we know that there’ll be sticklers out there, especially among adult Lego fans, who would rather not go for an imitation product like this. Also, please note that the product has a slightly different design in the UK, compared to the US version seen in the image above.

Time-2-Play Lego-Compatible Building Blocks Table with Wheels

Best Lego table on wheels

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Time-2-Play Lego-Compatible Building Blocks Table with Wheels specifications:
Length 35-inches
Height 18 – 29-inchs (adjustable)
Depth 31-inches
Assembly required Yes, but minimal
Materials Birch Plywood
Reasons to buy
  • Wheels make it easy to move
  • Handy storage trough
  • Lego-friendly top
Reasons to avoid
  • A little expensive
  • Not an official Lego product
  • Not available in the UK

This is another good choice for kids, but one that adults could still use as well. The top provides an (admittedly unofficial) Lego plate that you can build on directly. This can be quite handy if you’re trying to put something together and you’d like to keep it fixed in place as you build. Speaking of fixing things in place, you can also lock the wheels so you don’t need to worry about the thing sliding around while you use it, but you can still enjoy all the ease of movement that a wheelie table provides.

Despite the convenience of the wheels, it sadly is not a fully collapsible table, so as much as you can easily move it from one room to the next, you also then need quite a lot of room for it elsewhere. It’ll be really handy if you can see yourself wheeling it from one room to another for certain occasions but think carefully about the application and don’t forget to measure your doorframes.

It’s one of the most expensive options on this list, but it does look pretty fantastic with its multi-colored Lego-friendly top, and the trough in the middle of the table can be hugely convenient if you’re building a larger set across multiple sessions. It might not be one of the best Lego storage options, but it still helps to keep things tidy and means you don’t have to leave pieces out in the open where cats might push them off the side.

Best Board Large Table

Best Lego table for big projects

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Best Board Large Table specifications:
Length 70-inches
Height 28-inches
Depth 35-inches
Assembly required Yes
Materials Metal (frame), engineered wood (top)
Reasons to buy
  • Massive
  • Top build quality
  • Good for big projects
Reasons to avoid
  • Not for building specifically
  • Lacks special features
  • Engineered wood

This is the kind of table we’d recommend to anyone who’s planning on tackling one of the behemoths of the Lego set world. Massive sets need massive amounts of space, and the Best Board Large Table will provide plenty of room even if you want to get a few friends together and construct something giant.

You’ll definitely need to have a lot of spare room for this, and I expect that there will be a lot of people who can’t get it for this reason in particular. But if you can, it could be good for other big projects you might work on too. For example, you could easily fit six people around it for a session of one of the best tabletop RPG games.

For its price, it’s a bit disappointing that it just uses plywood. It’s not the worst engineered wood in the world and it certainly doesn’t feel cheap or anything, but it will be more susceptible to wear and tear than genuine wood. Still, the metal frame is very durable and that’s really what your money is going towards.

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

Best standing desk for Lego building

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Flexispot Electric Standing Desk specifications:
Length 43-inches
Height 28.3 – 46-inches
Depth 24-inches
Assembly required Yes
Materials Alloy Steel (frame), laminated engineered wood (top)
Reasons to buy
  • Easily adjustable
  • Good for your back
  • Decent space
Reasons to avoid
  • Massive sets might not fit
  • Not Lego-specific features

Lego sets can take a very long time to build. Those who have tackled some of the larger options out there will know that you might be spending many hours hunched over the piles of pieces as you look for the specific part you’re after. That can take a huge toll on your spine, and if your back is prone to aches and pains, it’d be wise to go for a standing desk as your Lego table of choice.

Flexispot are one of the best manufacturers around when it comes to standing desk, and this particular model is no exception. It’s really easy to adjust the height (which is motor operated), so you can switch between a height that’s right for you, and sitting down, without having to fiddle around with adjustment components (like you do with some other standing desks).

Though it’s not an ideal size for absolutely enormous projects, it’ll still fit the majority of Lego sets. For what you get, it’s pretty good value for money. As much as it lacks storage spaces, or other features befitting of a good Lego table, it remains a very solid piece of work that is in a good position to be your surface of choice for Lego building and any other projects you might enjoy (e.g. miniature painting, model railways, etc).

Sweetcrispy Small Computer Office Desk

Best budget Lego table

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Sweetcrispy Small Computer Office Desk specifications:
Length 32-inches
Height 29.8-inches
Depth 19.69-inches
Assembly required Yes
Materials Metal (frame), laminated engineered wood (top)
Reasons to buy
  • Affordable
  • Can be used for many things
  • Storage space
Reasons to avoid
  • Inferior materials
  • Smaller than others

If you’re limited by a smaller budget, then you can grab this desk without having to shell out too much. It’s a pretty universal design that can be used for just about anything: a workspace, a game station, or, yes, a Lego building table.

It feels cheap, for sure, and you’ll probably find it showing scuffs and other signs of wear and tear over time, but that’s par for the course in this price range. It still feels solid enough, and there’s no denying that it will serve the purpose it was made for. Lego is expensive enough (especially when you look at the most expensive Lego sets) so it makes sense that a lot of people are going to want to go for something more basic like this.

As a nice bonus, this desk does come with a little storage compartment on one side. If you build a lot of smaller Lego sets, you’ll easily have room to slot them into there while they are under construction. Big sets won’t fit in there, but it’s an easy place to store stray pieces or to put your bags of pieces as you make your way through a set.

If you’ve made it this far, and chosen a Lego table (and some Lego storage options to go with it), chances are you’re pretty invested in the wonderful world of plastic bricks. Why not learn about some of the world’s most expensive Lego sets and the rarest Lego minifigures around?

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