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Best Lego tables 2023

Looking for a good Lego building table? Whether you want a simple workbench, one for the kids, or a DIY creation, our picks have you covered.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing a person wearing a flat cap leaning over a table full of LEGO in a basement, with many small shelves and drawers of LEGO behind them

A table is a table – so any table should make for a good Lego table, right? Well, yes – but also, no. Any workable, large enough table should be able to host both your RPG night, and a sizeable Lego build-a-thon (and even the floor sometimes brings its own magic experience). But trust us, whether your head builder is 8 or 48, a proper Lego building table is going to make things much more enjoyable. This guide ranks our favorite tables to use in 2023.

We’ve rounded up the best Lego tables for a range of use cases and budgets – whether you’re after a purpose-built Lego table, a general hobby surface good for brick work, or plans for a custom piece you can build yourself.

Below you’ll find everything from hardwearing garage workbenches to an array of multi-function, kid-friendly indoor options. With the right building area, Lego building can be more efficient, rewarding, enjoyable, and creative. And it makes tidying up a damn sight easier, too.

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When you need a break from building, our guide to the best Lego games on PC and console should be just what you need. For now, though…

The best Lego tables in 2023 are:

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing the Gopak tub table with folding metal legs and red tabletop

Gopak Tub Table

Best tub table for Lego building

Tub tables present an unusual proposition, in that they are defined by having large holes through them – not much good for spreading out plastic pieces, you might think. Not so! These tables, designed for schools, come with large, interchangeable tubs that sit snugly in each hole. This Gopak Tub Table is the one we’d recommend in 2023.

At a basic level, that lets Lego builders keep the heap contained, and table surface free for building. Where these tables really excel, though, is in letting you switch out tubs containing parts you need.

If you’re working on a vast custom build that will occupy months of your time, this option is ideal as a workshop centrepiece. Each tub can handle in-progress sections, a brick selection picked just for the build, or even your notes, reference materials, and sketches.

Available in various sizes up to six-foot long, tub tables are often sold by educational suppliers that only serve schools. So be prepared for a hunt. Other brands are available.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing the monarch project table in white and blue, with a woman arranging folders on the tabletop

Monarch Project Table

The best Lego table for large projects

If you’re blessed with space, a heavy duty project table is what you need. Offering a sweeping building space, these worktops are tough as hell and can take a knock, which might save some mid-build disasters. Our favorite choice currently is the Monarch Project Table.

Perfect for putting together the biggest Lego sets – or complex projects where you might need to lay out all manner of parts – options like the Monarch don’t come cheap, but they’ll last you a long, long time. Like the tub tables above, they tend to be sold by educational suppliers, but take your time and you’ll find a public-facing seller.

Equivalent DIY tables are available, but be sure to check they match these working tables’ build quality. You won’t regret it when you’re putting all your body weight on the worktop as you reach to place a high-up piece.

If you’re a truly committed builder, or dream of a set-up like that seen in the basement of The Lego Movie, a project table is the way to go.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing the Build and Store table, with three colored lego base sheets on top

Build ‘n’ Store Large Wooden Storage Table

The best kids’ Lego table

Hammer ‘Lego Table’ into Google and you’ll be greeted with a wall of options for youngsters, usually featuring a studded top so bricks and builds can be directly mounted on top. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Kids remain the key audience for Lego, and many a Wargamer reader has their own offspring builders. Good quality kids’ Lego tables, though? Those are a much rarer beast – but Smyths Toys’ Build ‘n’ Store Large Wooden Storage Table is a standout, successfully juggling affordability, quality, and thoughtful design.

The ‘Large’ option from the line might be the best, offering a studded top surface made up of three lids that hide generous storage compartments below. Additional storage is neatly packed into every space, including sections useful for instructions and other brick-based ephemera.

It’s a shame this doesn’t come at adult scale, as Lego tables with storage for larger builders are few and far between. But this is big enough for grown-ups to sit down on the floor next to their offspring and get involved.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing thbe Brick Inovations BOSS executive table, with drawers full of different color Lego bricks and various Lego models on the top

Brick Innovations BOSS Executive

The best Lego table for storage

One of the few devoted Lego tables out there, the Brick Innovations BOSS Executive drips with details made for Lego building, storage, and sorting.

The Executive model is the more elaborate of the two tables in the BOSS (Build, Organize, and Storage Solution) range, offering additional building space, and more room to get your legs under. Both standard and Executive boss are available at a 24-inch height suitable for youngsters, and a 30-inch-high alternative for grown up creators.

Providing a fairly generously sized building surface with raised edges to avoid losing bricks, drawers for up to 20,000 parts, and fold out platforms for extra working space, it’s a great bit of kit. It’s even designed so you can pour pieces straight from the top into each drawers’ sections when you’re done.

The only let-down? BOSS tables are now rather tricky to buy. They come up second hand now and then, or the creator can be contacted through the Kickstarter page for the range.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing the portable Lego Creation Station table, with a child sitting on a stool at the table, playing with some LEGO

Portable Lego Creation Station

The best DIY Lego table

Brave enough to build your own Lego table but don’t know where to start? User Tez Gelmir, on DIY projects site Instructables, has created a remarkable combination of Lego table, storage system and pull-along part transporter with their Portable Lego Creation Station. And they’ve made impressively thorough instructions and parts lists available for free.

The Portable Lego Creation Station can simply be used as something of a Lego cupboard, packed with drawers and tubs for Lego storage and sorting. Grab it by the handle, and it works like a giant pull-along luggage pack, complete with small wheels for easier hauling. Flip the side down, and it works as a Lego table with all the parts to hand. It’s also designed to grow with a builder, so could last them through childhood. And if you were really brave, you could always scale it up to an adult size.

You would need a very well-stocked workshop and a degree of woodworking skill. But if you lack those things, look for a local maker space where you might have access to both tools and expertise. Or pick one of the countless other Lego table options on Instructables.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing the IKEA hack storage table in white, with plastic bins

Ikea hack Lego table

The most flexible Lego table

If you like the idea of your own custom Lego table, but aren’t quite ready to build from scratch, you might want to consider the world of ‘Ikea hacks’. The term simply refers to building Ikea furniture in ways other than intended, customising completed flatpack furniture, or combining different Ikea models or parts to build new things.

Using just Ikea Trofast storage units, basic Lego baseplates and a truly rudimentary spread of tools and materials, organisation blogger Abby Lawson created an impressively elegant, sizable Lego working space with generous storage. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg of Ikea Lego table hacks – because there are a lot of options out there!

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing the BiG400-Workstation table on a white background, with blue and red metal structure and chipboard surfaces

BiG400 Workstation

The best Lego workbench

If you’re setting up a Lego workshop space intended to last you and your obsession years, workbench-shelving combination options like the BiG400 Workstation offer a superb option.

They aren’t particularly pretty, instead offering an entirely functional, utilitarian basis for a true master builder set-up. There’s no special Lego storage drawers or slide out tubs or studded surfaces. Instead you get a strong, stable, clean space for building, Lego storage and more.

You might want to surround this with wall mounted port drawers or any other of the Lego sorting and storage hardware we recommend. Two or three would make the ultimate pairing with the Monarch Project Bench in a large space.

There’s a good few options across the BiG400 Workstation range, in terms of size and materials – and countless alternatives by other brands. In short, if your Lego building space is to be huge and ambitious, you might want to start with the hardwearing workshop furniture.

Best Lego tables guide - marketing photo showing the Kidkraft build and store lego table, with plastic tubs underneath and some lego bricks on top

KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table

The best Duplo compatible Lego table

Charging back to the other end of the Lego table scale, the KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table offers an option for kids that is built to last, and won’t look too awful in your living room.

Thanks to a neat mechanism, the stud-topped table opens up to reveal a brick storage area, while keeping the building surfaces level. That lets kids build with it closed for a single large play area, or open for easy access to the bricks. It can be played with from all sides, and neatly folds away in a moment.

It’s even marketed as being compatible with ‘System’ Lego (normal Lego) and Duplo; something few tables offer as the two product lines are less than vaguely compatible.

If you’ve made it this far, chosen a Lego table (and some Lego storage options to go with it), chances are you’re pretty invested in the wonderful world of plastic bricks. Why not learn about some of the world’s most expensive Lego sets and the rarest Lego minifigures around?

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