Best gaming tables 2023

Gaming tables can level up your tabletop gaming experience - here are the best board game tables, card tables, and chess tables to buy in 2023.

Best gaming tables guide - GeekNSon Megan - author's photo of the Megan table's full dining surface including counter leaf

Purpose-built gaming tables make tabletop gaming quicker, easier, and more enjoyable, with built-in board game-focused features like card holders; storage bins for dice and accessories; cup holders to prevent spillages; and ingenious ways of transforming back into regular dining tables. Sadly, they don’t tend to come cheap – and nobody should drop thousands on a luxury table they know nothing about – so we’ve created this guide to the best ones we’ve found.

Board game tables are a serious upgrade for the discerning tabletop gamer. Sure, nabbing the best board games of the year is a must; the best couples board games make a great date night; and organising your collection with nifty board game storage solutions will streamline each session – but if you really want to invest in your gaming experience, a board gaming table is the ultimate choice.

We’ve compiled this list of the best gaming tables to save you some effort in picking out the ideal piece. Every table on this list is designed with some flavour of tabletop gaming or hobbying in mind, whether that be an easy card game, a sprawling strategy board game, or a miniature wargame like Warhammer 40k.

The best gaming tables in 2023 are:

Best gaming tables guide - GeekNSon Megan - author's photo of the table's sunken play area and fabric insert

Geeknson Megan

The best all-round gaming table

Let’s start strong, shall we? Relative to price, the Geeknson Megan is the best gaming table we’ve seen so far. Many board game tables either strive for extreme, ultra-customisable luxury – at the price of a brand-new car – or they strip back quality and features to achieve a price point that’s almost comparable with regular furniture.

With its bestselling Megan table, UK firm Geeknson aims straight down the middle between those two, and the result is something very impressive. Geeknson kindly sent us one to test, so we can go into a bit of detail here.

The Megan is a rock-solid, hardwood oak construction (in your choice of three stain finishes) that looks and feels much closer to the tables above it in the price stakes than it does to cheaper models. As you can see (and would expect), it’s got a big, sunken play area with a bouncy fabric layer for gaming, and an all-around external metal rail system, from which you can hang all manner of pricey but beautifully made attachments, from mug holders, to DnD dice towers, to Dungeon Master stations.

Best gaming tables guide - GeekNSon Megan - author's photo of the Megan table's full dining surface including counter leaf

To pause the game for dinner, a set of thick, oak ‘leaf’ boards slides over the top and dovetails together to create a handsome, flat table surface – Geeknson has even trademarked its own ‘Keep Dry System’ that uses watertight edge-linings between each plank to prevent any spilt drinks from leaking through onto your games.

The leaves are heavy and bulky, and taking them off is no joke – but, if you’ve got an extra $304 (£250), you can get a nifty vertical storage box to stand them in while you’re using the gaming surface.

Best gaming tables guide - GeekNSon Megan - author's photo of the Megan table's exterior rail and cup holder

Generally, these are features we’ve seen before on high-end gaming tables – but where the Megan’s magic really sets in for us is all the little extra details, and how beautifully they work together.

First and foremost, as well as the external metal rail, the Megan has an ingenious wooden ‘lip’ rail running all the way around the edge of the interior game space, which does double duty. It’s a marvellous card holder we never knew we needed – but Geeknson also makes adorable little acrylic bins that hang off the internal rail just like the wooden accessories on the outside.

Best gaming tables guide - GeekNSon Megan - author's photo of the flip desk and acrylic bin accessories

You can fill ‘em with tokens or dice, and slide them to wherever they’re needed. It sounds like a little thing, but, with the biggest board games, you’ll have tokens coming out of your ears; a convenient way to keep them organised and accessible, without obstructing the main play space, is a serious boon.

The kicker? Loads of the Megan’s wooden accessories have perfectly sized slots for these acrylic bins – so you can easily transfer a box of tokens from the table rail, to someone’s side desk, to a shared side counter, and so on. It’s mega-satisfying.

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Price-wise, the Geeknson Megan medium (roughly five feet by three feet) starts at $2,741 (£2,250). The Large version we tested (six feet by four feet) starts at $2,983 (£2,450).

That’s less than half the price of the mighty Wyrmwood Prophecy, making it an affordable choice in its field, though US gamers also need to figure in the hefty $1217 (£1,000) cost to deliver to the states.

Best gaming tables guide - GeekNSon Megan - author's photo of the GeekNson logo plaque on the interior of the table

Rivals like Natural20 and Free Bird make comparable models, but they start at $3648 (£2,995) and $4069 (£3,340) respectively – and, since both are also UK based, you can expect transatlantic delivery to tack on at least a large three-figure sum there too.

Geeknson’s always developing new gaming table designs, of course – it successfully funded its latest model, the Gwen table, on Kickstarter in May 2023. If we get the chance to test any more out, we’ll let you know whether they merit a spot on this list.

Gaming tables - Wyrmwood Prophecy table with hand crank

Wyrmwood Prophecy

The best luxury gaming table

Let’s climb a few rungs higher up the price scale. Gorgeous, classic, and maybe even infamous, the Wyrmwood Prophecy is perhaps the ‘definitive’ gaming table. Boasting all the bespoke features you could ask for in a luxurious handcrafted package, this premium option will cater to every one of your tabletop needs.

While other tables might include a sunken play area that can be covered for storage, the Prophecy cuts out the middleman with its hand-cranked lift mechanism. Play a game on the table’s flat surface, before lowering the central play area and covering it.

Your game will sit safe and sound until you’re reading to lift the lid, crank up the play area, and resume the game, right where you left off. It means you can play on a flat surface without having to awkwardly reach into the recess while being able to keep everything in one place when you’re done.

Additional accessories can be attached to the table’s perimeter, too, using a magnetic rail system. Add cup holders, dice trays, card shelves, or a ‘master shelf’ to accommodate your GM screen and tabletop RPG books. You can even customise the Prophecy with a gridded, wet-erase battlemat, or an acrylic overlay that lets you annotate maps and notes.

This table, however, is as expensive as it sounds. After placing a $7,000 (£6,245) deposit, you’ll have to shell out extra for its various customisable gubbins. Available in a range of wood and fabric options, this is a table for those who really love convenience, and have the wallet to match.

Allplay Jasper

The best midrange gaming table

On the more affordable end of the spectrum sits the Allplay Jasper. Solid and straightforward, it boasts all the most important features of a gaming table. A sunken play area lets you set up games and play to your heart’s content, knowing no dice will make a daring exit off the table, and no careless knock will send your game pieces skittering over the edge.

If you’re pressed for space, the Jasper‘s optional ‘table topper’ can be placed over the recess, transforming your gaming space into an ordinary dining room table at your convenience. The idea is for the table to double as your gaming station and dining area, saving space and faff.

Except this isn’t a normal table. Customisable cup holders, wine glass holders, interior wing shelves, and dark walnut or natural finish will make it stand out from your average piece of four-legged furniture.

The interior play area is wide enough to accommodate the biggest games, and not so deep that you’ll be straining your neck as you crane over to get a look at the action. Coming in at $799 (£713), and an additional $419 (£374) for the topper, this won’t be covered by your loose change, but it’s a much cheaper option than our first two picks – and the basic functionality of leaving your games mid-way through without any packing up could be enough to make it worthwhile for you.

Gaming tables - a jigsaw puzzle table

Jigsaw table

The best multi-use gaming table

Now we’re getting into the generic, Amazon offerings for those on a more normal budget – starting with this jigsaw table. Even if you won’t be fitting together little pieces of shaped cardstock, they offer a good size playing area that will cater to most popular board games, and feature convenient storage draws for game components.

This wooden jigsaw table, priced at $269 (£180) fits the bill. Its large playing area is certainly big enough to hold any two-player game you’ll be placing down, and even party games can comfortably fit across its area. Its green felt top is a little unnecessary for board gaming purposes, but won’t do any harm – it might even help with games of Jenga.

The storage trays are what really make this work as a gaming table. Large enough to fit dice, pens, paper, or even packs of cards, this jigsaw table might just become your next Pokémon TCG playing area.

Made from sturdy wood, and sporting a raised lip around its perimeter, it might be designed for puzzles but it has all the essential features for a solid gaming table. Plus, fold-down makes it portable – whether you’re taking it around a mate’s or shoving it behind the sofa. Handy.

Gaming tables - photo of foldable card table and chairs

Folding card table

The best cheap gaming table

If you won’t be playing sprawling board games that cover vast areas, or are after a portable solution that can be set up and taken down in a jiffy, a folding card table is a solid bet. Their smaller area will fit nicely in a tight spot, folding legs make them portable, and their flat, square surface means they can usefully function as a dining table if you’re looking to hit two birds with one stone.

This affordable folding card table ticks all the boxes. With its metallic legs, vinyl top, and slim profile, it won’t win any awards for aesthetic vitality, but it is more than serviceable. Many of the best card games will fit snugly on this surface.

Most importantly, it’s sturdy, comfortable, and just as suitable for playing Magic: The Gathering as opening up a mid-size eurogame.

And the $79 (£75) price isn’t bad at all, in our books. You won’t be getting any bells or whistles, and you’ll have to look for another board game storage solution if you want to neatly organise your games. But for those after a straightforward option on which you can game without having to worry about dinner interrupting you, this is a good pick.

Gaming tables a folding poker table

Folding poker table

The best casino gaming table

Whether you’re looking to throw down a few chips, or are after a large table surface to cover with board games, this folding poker table is a brilliant option. Their size is great enough to accommodate even the biggest Gloomhaven or Frosthaven dungeon, and their elliptical shape keeps every player in on the action.

This folding poker table may not look like much, but there’s a lot of utility under its felt. Cup holders around its edge can be used for cold brews and handfuls of meeples alike, and its ridged card holder in the centre also doubles as a useful token store.

Sure, the divided green felt wouldn’t pass muster in a poker game, but when you’re trading in Catan, who cares what’s under the board?

Folding legs might not be the most attractive choice, but if you need an inexpensive table to throw dice or play cards, this $216 (£157) option should see you right. And who knows, maybe you’ll kindle a newfound interest in poker.

Gaming tables - a chess table

Chess table

The best decorative gaming table

A well-known classic, there’s never a bad time to suggest a game of chess. Having a chess table ensures you always have a space in your home to play. As far as gaming tables go, this is a small but fairly versatile option – you’re not going to fit War of the Ring or Twilight Imperium on its surface anytime soon, but it’s perfect if you want to play smaller classic board games, try a quick card game, or even learn how to play chess for the first time.

This Amazon example passes muster with us – it’s on the cheaper side compared to more ornate-looking options, at $139.98 (£115.84) but it’s also got a polished, classic feel. If you’re after a wider range, however, be sure to check out our guide to the best chess tables.

If you lift up the top, there’s storage for your pieces – and a backgammon board on the other side. Who doesn’t want two games in one when it comes to gaming tables?

If you’re fitting out your home for tabletop gaming perfection, you should also check out our guides on the best display shelves for miniatures, and the top lego storage solutions money can buy.