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The best Lego Mario sets to buy in 2024

Here’s your one-stop guide to Lego Super Mario, including the top Mario and Bowser Lego sets for builders of all ages and interests.

Photo of Lego Mario figurine from one of the best Lego Mario sets

Lego Mario sets bring together Nintendo fans of all ages, as well as Lego lovers of all kinds. You could spend days carefully constructing a giant Bowser, or instead while away hours playing with custom adventure courses. Plus, with so many lovable characters and settings to draw from, there’s an endless well of inspiration for Lego to draw from.

However you define fun, we can recommend the best Super Mario Lego sets to suit you. Below you’ll find the best Lego sets featuring Mario, Bowser, and more – plus the biggest Lego sets, most expensive Lego sets, and even new Lego sets to look for in the series. So, as they say, let’s-a-go.

These are the best Super Mario Lego sets:

Mario starter set course, one of the best Lego Mario sets

1. Lego Adventures with Mario Starter Course

The best Lego Mario starter set to begin with.


ID number 71360
Number of pieces 231
Recommended age 6+


  • Lots of play value
  • Plenty of iconic features for Mario fans


  • Simple build may not satisfy adult builders

The Lego Super Mario line includes a huge range of courses that can be mixed and matched to make custom levels. But everyone needs to start somewhere – and we recommend the Lego Adventures with Mario Starter Course as the best beginner set of the series.

This nabs you several foundational features. Firstly, you’ll get your own Lego Mario, a blocky Lego figure with interactive electronic features rather than your standard minifig. You’ll also get everything you need to craft a highly playable starter level right out of the videogame – including green pipes, goombas, question blocks, Baby Bowser, and that end-of-level flag.

While Mario’s closest pals all have a starter set of their own, we recommend sticking with the series’ main character when choosing your first starter course. He’s the most identifiable character in the series (which can be key for getting younger builders interested), and his course comes with all the key trappings of a Mario level. You can expand your Lego Mario Adventures World later, but this is the essential foundation to build upon. 

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the best Lego Mario set

2. Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

The best Lego Mario set for nostalgic adults to build.


ID number 71374
Number of pieces 2,646
Recommended age 18+


  • Beautiful display piece
  • Highly detailed


  • One of the most expensive Mario Lego sets

If you want to relive the feeling of playing the first Super Mario Bros game on the NES, the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System is the perfect set for you. Young Super Mario fans might not find the same appeal in this highly complex build, but it’s got huge amounts of value for money when it comes to adult builders.

Yes, this is one of the Lego Super Mario series’ most expensive Lego sets. But its innovative features and gorgeous details make it worth the price if you’ve got the cash to spend.

You’ll be building the titular NES console and controller, complete with a cartridge that slots inside, just like the real thing. There’s also a retro television displaying scenes from the 1983 videogame, with a side handle that moves Mario across the screen when turned. 

Lego Question Mark Block, one of the best Lego Mario set

3. Lego Question Mark Block

An iconic Mario Lego set worthy of any Nintendo-loving collector.


ID number 71395
Number of pieces 2,064
Recommended age 18+


  • Highly detailed
  • An innovative and interesting build


  • Limited play value

The Lego Question Mark Block is perhaps the most iconic Super Mario Lego set. The enormous block appears simple on the outside, but many delightful secrets are hidden within. Compartments within can be opened up to display tiny vignettes of different levels from Super Mario 64. It’s a truly unique set that makes a surprising and joyful build.

We consider this a must-have for collectors who love Nintendo and can handle the steep price. There’s less here for young Lego fans, however.

This is another complex build that’s more about display value over play. Your Super Mario Adventures figure will interact with the set if placed nearby, but otherwise this is a set to place on a shelf and marvel at once it’s finished. 

The Mighty Bowser, one of the best Lego Mario set

4. The Mighty Bowser Lego set

The biggest (and most expensive) Lego Mario set.


ID number 71411
Number of pieces 2,807
Recommended age 18+


  • Highly detailed
  • Great play and display value


  • High value comes with a high price

If you want the best and the biggest, meet The Mighty Bowser Lego set. At almost 3,000 pieces, this is a humungous set that displays the iconic Mario villain in all his enormous glory – and it’ll keep you busy building for hours.

Recreated in high levels of detail, this Bowser is surprisingly sturdy and poseable for his size. If you wanted to bring him down from the shelf for a climactic battle with Mario, you could do so with minimal worry about Bowser’s fragility. He can even launch fireballs and inspire reactions from your digital Mario figure.

You’ll definitely need an adult to build The Mighty Bowser (and an adult’s wallet to buy it), but Lego lovers of all ages can appreciate the finished product. 

Lego Piranha Plant, one of the best Lego Mario set

5. Lego Piranha Plant

The best new Lego Mario set on the scene.


ID number 71426
Number of pieces 540
Recommended age 18+


  • Beautiful display piece
  • Good value for money


  • Not compatible with interactive Mario course features

Released in 2023, the Lego Piranha Plant is a stunning set that recreates Super Mario’s most memorable plant (and you don’t even have to water it). A well-designed pipe and poseable plant make for an excellent build and a wonderful display piece for tables or shelves of any size. There’s even some hidden secrets to discover during construction – always a welcome and delightful surprise.

Perhaps the biggest downside of the set, however, is its lack of play value. There are no compatibility with Lego’s other Super Mario courses or figures, and a poseable stem and head only get you so far. Still, if you’re mainly in this for the building, the Piranha Plant offers great value for money.

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