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Best Star Wars Lego sets 2024

All the best Star Wars Lego sets in 2024 - from Clone Wars sets to the UCS Millennium Falcon, Razor Crest, Darth Vader Helmet, and more.

Best Star Wars Lego sets guide - Emperor's Throne Room Diorama - author's photo showing Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader dueling with lightsabers in front of Emperor Palpatine in his command throne

Star Wars Lego sets are a staggering cultural phenomenon. Over the decades-long relationship between George Lucas’ sci-fi universe and the beloved Danish toy company, Star Wars Lego has become one of the world’s favorite nerdy gifts. Lego Star Wars sets aren’t just cool, though – they helped save the Lego company from financial dire straits. In their honor, this guide tracks all the best Star Wars sets available.

At least as prolific as Star Wars board games, the Lego Star Wars range spans every Star Wars film trilogy and TV series, offering model kits for every price point, time budget, age range, and complexity level you could ask for. It’s brought us some of the best Lego sets ever made; a few of the most expensive Lego sets; and even some of the biggest Lego sets ever sold.

But, for every six-foot-tall Lego Death Star, there’s a sub-100-part micro-kit that can spark just as much joy for the right person. So, out of the whole vast Star Wars range – both new Lego sets and old – we’ve rounded up the best sets to spend your hard-earned credits on these days.

Lego Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser

The best new Lego Star Wars set

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Lego Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser specifications:
Model number 75367
Build time Roughly 11 hours
Number of pieces 5374
Number of minifigures 2
Recommended age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • You love The Clone Wars and massive starships
Reasons to avoid
  • You’re an original Star Destroyer purist

We can’t miss out one of the best new Lego sets in the Lego Star Wars range, if not potentially the best of all time. It was released on October 4 2023 and has already become the centrepiece of many a collection.

At 5,374 pieces and 43 inches (109cm) in length, the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) Venator is one of the biggest Star Wars Lego sets around, and, priced at $650 (£560) it’s one of the most expensive too – but that hasn’t stopped Star Wars Lego enthusiasts gleefully plotting the best ways to get their hands on one, ever since it first appeared in a Kuala Lumpur airport Lego store in early September 2023.

Best Star Wars Lego sets guide - Lego official photo showing the designer of the UCS Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser Lego set, holding the completed model

The Venator is a bit of a beloved icon among more committed Star Wars fans. It’s a precursor ship design to the infamous Star Destroyer from the original trilogy, and appears only briefly in episodes II and III, but features more extensively in the Clone Wars animated series, as well as various videogames, including the fleet battles in 2005’s Star Wars Battlefront II.

This UCS release was released in October to celebrate the Clone Wars series’ 20th anniversary, in fact – and comes complete with minifigures for two key characters: Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen.

For thousands of die-hard Clone Wars fans, this one is a dream come true for their collection – the starfighter hangars on the side even feature a teeny tiny little scale model of the classic Republic gunship.

Lego Razor Crest

The best The Mandalorian Lego set

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Lego Razor Crest specifications:
Model number 75331
Build time Roughly 18 hours
Number of pieces 6187
Number of minifigures 5
Recommended age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Supremely accurate recreation of Mando’s iconic ship
  • Brilliant internal details and TV references
Reasons to avoid
  • A long, complicated build
  • Huge price tag

Not only does the 2022-released Lego Razor Crest replace the precursor version from two years previously – but it also utterly trumps it. With a 6,187-piece part count, it’s a gigantic, detailed interpretation of Mando’s ship from The Mandalorian, bringing a remarkable build experience, plaything, and display piece (spoiler alert; you’ll need quite a bit of shelf space for this beast). What’s more, its insides are as beguiling as the exterior, from its carbon-freezing chamber to the escape pod, via a wealth of subtle references to the TV show.

So lavish is this Razor Crest’s design and construction that it comes with an 18+ age recommendation. Lego watchers will tell you that’s a bit of a marketing ploy to assert that the set is something adults can allow themselves to enjoy.

And they’re right; there is a degree of complexity above Lego’s tremendous selection of kid-friendly sets – but the new Razor Crest? Packed with myriad modern building techniques, there’s enough inside the box to delight and stimulate people who are apparently too old for toys.

Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama

The most festive Star Wars Lego set

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Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama specifications:
Model number 40658
Build time Roughly 30 minutes
Number of pieces 282
Number of minifigures 5 (including BB8 and a Porg)
Recommended age 8+
Reasons to buy
  • An adorable holiday diorama
  • Cheap, quick, and fun to build
Reasons to avoid
  • Not one for lore purists
  • May trigger traumatic flashbacks to the Star Wars Holiday Special

Despite its simplicity, this set is a testament to the charm of minimalism. The elements it includes are well-crafted, with a structurally sound doorway and a tidy seating area. The added touch of Christmas lights, holly, and a tree contributes significantly to the set, emitting a delightful Christmas vibe with a clever and aesthetically pleasing design.

Featuring five characters, including Rey donning a stylish green Christmas jumper and Finn in an ugly yet endearing resistance logo jumper, the set captures the essence of the holiday season. Chewie, BB8 (arguably the best droid), and a Porg add a delightful touch. Notably, Finn and Rey have reversible facial expressions. To top it off, the set provides two lightsabers, which can be neatly clipped into the side or held by the figures.

Read our Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama review for more.

Lego Luke Skywalker Landspeeder

The best Star Wars: Episode IV set.

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Lego Luke Skywalker Landspeeder specifications:
Model number 75341
Build time Roughly 6 hours
Number of pieces 1890
Number of minifigures 2
Recommended age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • An iconic original trilogy vehicle
  • Loads of satisfying details make it a super display piece
Reasons to avoid
  • Tragically missing Ben Kenobi and R2-D2 minifigures

Like the Razor Quest above, Lego’s 2020 Landspeeder set has undergone a striking revamp. Reborn as set 75341, Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, it’s a case of bigger, better, and considerably more detailed. Certainly more of a display piece than a plaything, the latest Lego Landspeeder gets a fundamental thing right. It really captures what a remarkable piece of vehicle design the film version’s original was.

You might find yourself spending more time looking at the set than building it, such as its style and flair. It’s also a reminder of what a wonderful craft the Landspeeder is, informed by 1980s retro-futurism and the flamboyance of 1950s American automotive design. In fact, now that we think about it, an accompanying set from another Lucas cinematic world would really look great on the shelf next to this. Yes, we’re looking at you, American Graffiti.

Lego Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series

The most impressive Star Wars Lego set.

Today’s best deals
Lego Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series specifications:
Model number 75192
Build time Roughly 19 hours
Number of pieces 7541
Number of minifigures 7
Recommended age 16+
Reasons to buy
  • The #1 landmark Star Wars Lego set for collectors
  • A gigantic project that’ll last you ages
  • Loaded with brilliant details
Reasons to avoid
  • Costs as much as a used car
  • Huge size and weight requires serious, dedicated display space

If there was a prize awarded for the ‘ultimate’ Star Wars Lego set, this would certainly take first place. A monument as much as a model, the Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series has become infamous in the Lego community for its incredible detail, astonishing accuracy, and sheer size (on release, it held the record for the Lego set with the most pieces). It’s a true beast, but one that looks as fabulous as the original Millennium Falcon design.

You can open up its individual hull panels to access its interior which, in many ways, is the star of the show. From its cockpit to its corridors, to its dining area, every inch is overflowing with subtle detail. You can even build it in two variants: as it appears in the original trilogy or its updated design in the sequels. Think of this as more of a project than a single set.

Lego Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama

The best Lego Star Wars diorama, bar none.

Today’s best deals
Lego Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama specifications:
Model number 75352
Build time Roughly 3 hours
Number of pieces 807
Number of minifigures 3
Recommended age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • Superb design captures Episode VI’s climactic scene perfectly
  • Minifigure options make this a properly playable diorama
Reasons to avoid
  • Perhaps a little expensive for the piece count
  • Lots of similar grey bits could make it a boring build unless you love the scene

We’re Star Wars omnivores here at Wargamer, and never look down our noses at the prequels or sequels, but the original trilogy will forever stand above the rest. Its final showdown in the Emperor’s Throne Room – at the climax of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – is etched into our souls – but this wonderful Lego diorama can truly transport you there.

Emperor Palpatine’s iconic, grand throne and circular viewing window aboard the Second Death Star are lovingly recreated in brick form, with clever use of Lego Technic pieces to get the window’s shape and transparency just right.

Best Star Wars Lego sets guide - Emperor's Throne Room Diorama - author's photo showing Emperor Palpatine seated in his throne in front of the circular viewing window

Those weird, flower-like black-and-blue computer banks are here, too, alongside the shiny, gray metal steps Luke Skywalker must ascend to face off against the dark lord of the Sith. And, naturally, you get minifigures of Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Luke in his black get-up from Jedi (complete with movie-accurate hair and one bare hand, one black-gloved).

Best Star Wars Lego sets guide - Emperor's Throne Room Diorama - author's photo showing Luke Skywalker climbing the stairs to duel with Darth Vader

Palpatine comes with two little force lightning bolts you can clip onto his hands, to exact a bit of unlimited power – but you can store them away under the stairs while he’s sitting calmly in his seat.

In a particularly joyful touch, Vader’s head comes in three pieces – an unmasked head; the black ‘gorget’ part around his neck and chin, and the detachable, domed main helmet/mask part – so you can even remove the faceplate to re-enact his heartfelt, bare-faced final farewell with Luke, lying in the shuttle bay, with the Death Star dying around them.

Best Star Wars Lego sets guide - Emperor's Throne Room Diorama - author's photo showing Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader dueling with lightsabers in front of Emperor Palpatine in his command throne

If you’re after Star Wars Lego sets to re-tell the series’ most epic scenes, this diorama is the perfect choice – our editor Alex Evans got it for his 31st birthday, but building it made him feel eight years old again. If that’s not a recommendation, we don’t know what is.

Lego Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet

The best Lego Star Wars display piece.

Today’s best deals
Lego Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet specifications:
Model number 75327
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 675
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • A fantastic display model full of accurate visual details
Reasons to avoid
  • Not a particularly stimulating or complex build for experienced Lego fans

Extending Lego’s ‘build-to-display helmet models for adults’ range, the Lego Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet brings one of fiction’s most iconic fighter pilot lids to your desktop. And a desktop piece it certainly is, being unashamedly about display overplay. It’s not especially large, nor high in piece count. It certainly isn’t wildly complicated to construct.

But size and complexity aren’t everything. The Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet is a relaxing joy to build, brings a very distinct final piece relative to the wider Lego range, and simply put, it looks infinitely cool. Deftly capturing the movie prop itself, set 75327 won’t fit on your head or many others, but it very much deserves some display space in your home.

Lego Clone Troopers (501st Legion)

The best Clone Wars lego set.

Today’s best deals
Lego Clone Troopers (501st Legion) specifications:
Model number 75280
Build time Roughly half an hour
Number of pieces 285
Number of minifigures 6
Recommended age 7+
Reasons to buy
  • A perfect play set with a bevy of minifigs
  • AT-RT walker and BARC speederbike are glorious for prequel fans
Reasons to avoid
  • Not a lot of building for your money

A prequel trilogy battle pack, Lego 501st Legion Clone Troopers includes a bunch of great minifigs to display, or add to a sprawling diorama if that’s more your thing. But its real draw is the included vehicles. Both the AT-RT walker and BARC speeder bike are fantastic kits that, although small, are packed with little visual additions and attachments.

Play out the Clone Wars with this set, or add it to another larger kit to build a truly formidable army. If you feel your army-building ambitions getting beyond the realms of minifigs, you can always check out the Star Wars Legion expansions available for Atomic Mass Games’ excellent miniature wargame.

Lego AT-ST

The best Star Wars Lego set for kids.

Today’s best deals
Lego AT-ST specifications:
Model number 75332
Build time Less than half an hour
Number of pieces 87
Number of minifigures 3
Recommended age 4+
Reasons to buy
  • Simple builds are perfect for young kids
  • Dinky AT-ST is hugely satisfying
  • Includes an Ewok
Reasons to avoid
  • Doesn’t provide much building fun for older fans
  • Like many small, play-focused sets, it’s very expensive per brick

Parents might have found it a little tricky to share Star Wars with younger children. There are a few animated TV show options and games out there, but most of the films favor youngsters with a few more years behind them. But this charming Lego AT-ST, Speeder, and Ewok set is rated 4 years-plus for complexity, and it brings something less present in many bigger releases. This is a set filled with playability and opportunities for kids to discover Star Wars with their parents.

Using simpler parts and building techniques, it capably captures the style of some of Star Wars’s most iconic characters and vehicles, without excluding less experienced Lego fans. And if you aren’t a parent? Not a problem. Because who wouldn’t want to play with a little AT-ST and Speeder Bike? We sure did!

Lego Luke Skywalker’s X-wing

The best affordable Lego Star Wars spaceship.

Today’s best deals
Lego Luke Skywalker’s X-wing specifications:
Model number 75301
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 474
Number of minifigures 3
Recommended age 9+
Reasons to buy
  • Brilliant low-cost alternative to the pricey UCS X-wing
  • Includes the magnificent General Dodonna
Reasons to avoid
  • Once you see the details on the UCS X-wing, you might wish you’d saved up for that instead

We couldn’t create a list of the best Star Wars LEGO sets without including at least one X-wing, and Luke Skywalker’s X-wing is our top pick. The classic starfighter of the Rebellion, it was there when the Death Star blew up (and was there again for the second go-around); it was there when Luke was training on Dagobah (although it spent most of its time submerged in a swamp); and it cropped up in background shots throughout the original trilogy.

At a relatively low price tag, this 2021 set is a fabulous model of the ship that won’t empty your wallet. It’s certainly a better option than the Ultimate Collector’s Series X-wing unless you happen to have lots of spare cash lying between your sofa cushions. Add to that the Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2, and General Dodonna mini-figures, and you’ve got quite the collection of Rebellion heroes, too.

Lego Baby Yoda – The Child

The cutest Star Wars Lego set.

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Lego Baby Yoda – The Child specifications:
Model number 75318
Build time Roughly 3 hours
Number of pieces 1075
Number of minifigures 1
Recommended age 10+
Reasons to buy
  • Completely and utterly adorable
  • A satisfying build, but still fits on most shelves
  • Includes a Grogu minifigure
Reasons to avoid
  • May result in The Empire tracking you down

Everyone’s favorite force-sensitive infant, Baby Yoda, a.k.a Grogu, or The Child as they’re properly called in The Mandalorian, is arguably the cutest, greatest thing to ever come out of Star Wars. This 20cm-high model captures most of the cuteness with its big, beady eyes, chubby cheeks, and wide mouth. It’s poseable, too, letting you move its ears, head, and mouth for different expressions.

Coming in at over 1,000 pieces, this isn’t a small set, and it works as a brilliant display piece. But it’s also not overly large, so won’t take up a huge chunk of desk or shelf space. We all know who this set is targeted towards: that person in your life you can’t stop watching gifs of Baby Yoda and think their adorable smile is the best thing to come out of Star Wars since podracing.

Lego TIE Bomber

The best set containing a Gonk Droid (and Darth Vader).

Today’s best deals
Lego TIE Bomber specifications:
Model number 75347
Build time Roughly 2 hours
Number of pieces 625
Number of minifigures 3 (and a Gonk Droid)
Recommended age 9+
Reasons to buy
  • Fun, detailed build brings an under-valued Empire starship to life
  • Includes the best Star Wars character – the Gonk Droid
Reasons to avoid
  • Maybe a little overpriced at RRP of $65

If you’re establishing a vast Rebel fleet built from plastic bricks, you’ll need somebody to dogfight with; after all, who would Luke be without his… Darth Vader? You might want to unleash your Y-wings and Falcon against the TIE Bomber, for example. Released in 2023, the latest Tie Bomber set somewhat harks back to the original 1999 Lego Star Wars line in terms of size and style. It’s certainly a classic, blending playability, a bright, energetic build process, and authentic looks.

The new TIE Bomber does bring much of the modern building techniques that have emerged from the custom Lego community in recent years, however, making it feel every part a contemporary Lego release. And, should your Lego X-wing blast it from the heavens, you can always rebuild it over and over. Just like the real Death Star.

Lego Boba Fett Starship Microfighter

The best Lego Star Wars Microfighter set.

Today’s best deals
Lego Boba Fett Starship Microfighter specifications:
Model number 75344
Build time Less than half an hour
Number of pieces 85
Number of minifigures 1
Recommended age 6+
Reasons to buy
  • Gloriously cheap
  • Packs loads of visual character into a handful of pieces
  • Includes Boba Fett minifig
Reasons to avoid
  • Mere minutes of build time – but playability makes up for it

No, nobody calls it Slave I anymore – and yes, that’s a good thing. Coming in at just 85 pieces, you might wonder why we’d list the pocket-sized Boba Fett’s Starship Microfighter alongside giants like the recent Razor Crest. Well, Lego and Star Wars are for everyone, and, at under $13 / £10 and requiring a few minutes to build, this is a set that’s much more welcoming and affordable than most.

Plus, of course, it’s absurdly cute, reproducing the iconic and distinct vessel of – arguably – Star Wars’ favorite bad boy. There are even functional firing projectiles, and you get a delightfully detailed Boba Fett Minifigure in the box.

Lego Darth Vader Helmet

The best Lego Star Wars helmet set.

Today’s best deals
Lego Darth Vader Helmet specifications:
Model number 75304
Build time Roughly three hours
Number of pieces 834
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 18+
Reasons to buy
  • A magnificent, villainous display set
  • Satisfying build process, with clever pieces to form the iconic mask’s features
Reasons to avoid
  • May cause nightmares if you stare into the eyes too long

Star Wars is well known for its panoply of brilliant science-fiction headgear – but none sticks in the mind so much as the iconic Darth Vader Helmet. That shining black dome; that flared back; that jutting, triangular breathing grille; and those ocean-deep, impassive, mirror-black eye lenses – everyone knows the face of history’s most infamous sci-fi villain.

That uniquely powerful cultural cachet, combined with the highly satisfying range of details built into this Lego Darth Vader Helmet set, makes it easily the best of the seven Star Wars helmets Lego has yet made (with honorable mentions to Luke Skywalker Red Five above, and the utterly beautiful Princess Leia Boushh Helmet).

If you’re collecting Lego sets to represent the most iconic images in all of Star Wars, you need a Darth Vader, and a minifigure isn’t going to cut it – this is the Dark Lord of the Sith you’re looking for.

Star Wars Lego sets: a history

It’s hard to imagine now but, back in the late 1990s, Lego was starting to struggle. In 1998 the company posted its first-ever loss. A year later, it revealed a deal with Star Wars, and by November its first X-Wing set was released (set 7140, if you have a chunk of cash burning a hole in your pocket). Now, nearly a quarter-century later, the company’s thriving again.

Star Wars Lego shouldn’t get all the credit, but, as the toy firm bounced back, TIE Fighters and lightsabers were too never far (far) away from the pages of Lego’s catalogs. The brick maker cracked getting licensing right, and its designers excelled in capturing the look and feel of Star Wars’ vast fictional universe.

Ever since, a galaxy’s worth of fans have been building their favorite Star Wars ships, battles, locations, and characters in miniature form. Nearly every parsec of George Lucas’s beloved universe has been recreated in Lego. It’s worth noting that so many of these sets don’t only hold a nostalgia factor, they’re fantastic builds in their own right, with some counted among the best available across the wider Lego range.

With all those starfighters, helmets, walkers, and baby aliens, you might find your hobby area getting a little cluttered – if so, check out our guide to the best Lego storage available. Meanwhile, if you want more recommendations based on a massive fantasy IP, read our list of the best Lego Lord of the Rings sets. Is your taste a little more broad? We also have a list of the best Lego sets for adults which is worth a read.