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Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama review: Life Day delight

The Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diaroma is a compact set that is sure to spread festive cheer. It features five iconic figures from the Star Wars universe.

Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama review image showing the Star Wars characters standing around a festive Turkey.

Our Verdict

The Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama features a segment of the Millennium Falcon’s interior adorned with festive decorations. It includes five iconic character figures, some dressed for the holiday season.

Reasons to buy
  • Unique festive minifigures
  • Loads of charm
  • Full of small details
Reasons to avoid
  • Disappointing Christmas tree
  • Porg a bit fiddly
  • Turkey doesn't fit in place

The Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama is sure to put a smile on the face of many a Star Wars fan. In a galaxy far far away, there exists a planet that celebrates Life Day, a significant occasion on the Wookiee world of Kashyyk. Similar to Christmas, Life Day is a time of celebration and family. However, the holiday is supposedly celebrated on November 17th. That begs the question, does Christmas exist in the Star Wars universe? Well, for the sake of speculation, let’s indulge in the suspension of disbelief and entertain the notion that it does.

The Millennium Falcon Holiday Diaroma is a compact set brimming with festive cheer. This set even allows you to incorporate aspects of other Lego sets too. Why not have a custom Minifigure of yourself sitting down to Christmas dinner with Chewie and the gang? Or perhaps expand with parts from the Star Wars Lego advent calendars? Or any other components from the best Lego Christmas sets.

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Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama set in its box.


Lego Star Wars: Millenium Falcon Holiday Diorama review:

Model number 40658
Build time Roughly 30 minutes
Number of pieces 282
Number of minifigures 5 (including BB8 and a Porg)
Recommended age 8+
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8 x 17 x 12cm

Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama review image showing the completed set with all the characters gathered around the dinner table.


This set is compact and simple. When you strip away the holiday accessories and the minifigures there really isn’t much to it. That being said, this is not a bad thing. Simple is good, and the elements that they do include are well-designed. For instance, the doorway is designed with great structural integrity and the seating area is neat and tidy. Plus the lights really do add to this set. Lights always exude Christmas cheer and the Lego design for the string lights is both clever and charming. The holly sprigs are a nice touch too.

This set comes with five characters. You get Rey in a stylish green Christmas jumper, complete with her unique hairstyle, and Finn wearing an ugly jumper featuring the resistance logo. You also get Chewie, BB8 (arguably the best droid!), and a Porg. Both Finn and Rey have reversible facial expressions so you can tailor your display to some extent. Oh, and you get two lightsabers! These clip into the side of the set, but of course can be removed and placed within the figure’s hands!

There are two downsides to this set. Firstly, the turkey does not click into the set. There is a piece that prevents the turkey from slipping off the table, but should your cat play with this set, they will run off with the Lego turkey for sure. Secondly, the Lego tree is disappointing. Why? It is just branch elements stuck together in the shape of a tree. The snowflake tree topping is a nice touch, but I can’t see why they couldn’t make the tree 3D.

Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama review image showing the side of the set with lightsabres hidden away.

Ease of assembly

This set is easy to build and is perfect for younger audiences. As a fairly seasoned builder, this set took me 30 minutes to build, however, due to some fiddly aspects, like the Christmas lights, this set could take newer builders longer. Most steps in the instructions involve applying one or two Lego elements, whereas more advanced sets will require more than that. The hardest aspect of this build for me was the Porg and the reason for this was that I was unsure how to attach its wings. The drawing confused me and it took me a moment to figure out how it was meant to be.

Lego gets creative with the pieces that they use. There is a fun zig-zag element used for the seating area and the hinged book with a blank tile is a massive improvement compared to previous book designs. Another adorable touch is the little Lego Rey Minifigure which runs across the bottom of the instructions booklet to show your progress.

Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama review image showing the Lego Porg.


At $29.99 (£25.99) this set is probably more than it is worth, but that being said, don’t forget you’re paying for a licensed product which comes with the Disney price tag. This set is exclusive and only available between 1st October and 31st December 2023. Therefore, if you are a massive fan of Lego, Star Wars, and the holidays, then you should definitely purchase this set. Who knows how much it will cost to get your hands on this in years to come?

Lego Millennium Falcon review image showing Rey reading from an old book,

Final verdict

Available for a limited time only, The Millennium Falcon Holiday Diaroma offers a compact set filled with festive vibes. Perfect for ages eight and up, this set is fantastic for both play and display as it is not a complex build, but is still enjoyable. What makes this set so good is the inclusion of five Minifigures, two of which are wearing Christmas jumpers! But the show-stopper is, of course, BB8! The only downsides to this set are minimal, like the flat Christmas tree and the moving turkey. It’s a must for all Star Wars fans. May the force be with you this Holiday season.

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