Lego Christmas sets 2023: top holiday gifts

The best Lego Christmas sets are perfect for gifting, from traditional Lego Christmas ornaments to sets from your favorite movies.

As the festive season approaches, anticipation fills the air and we begin to fantasize about the best Lego Christmas sets and presents. We particularly love the Lego Christmas tree and the Lego Christmas village – but all of the sets in this guide bring joy and wonder.

Lego is a timeless gift that has brought joy to all ages since its inception. Our picks showcase our favorite Christmas-themed sets that double as fantastic holiday gifts. From Disney Lego sets to Lego Ideas creations, this list offers a little something for everyone – including a selection of the best Lego sets for adults and kids alike.

The best Lego Christmas sets are:

Best Lego Christmas sets: the Lego Christmas tree.

1. Lego Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is the most festive of the lot.

Lego Christmas Tree specs:

Model number 40573
Build time Roughly 2 hours to build
Number of pieces 784
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 12+

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a tree, right? Just like a real one, you can decorate the Lego Christmas Tree with colorful ornaments and candles.

This set is perfect if you want a tree but do not have the space, or if you’ve decided that Lego Christmas ornaments will make a nice centerpiece for your Christmas dinner.

This is a 2 in 1 build, giving you the option to build one big tree or two smaller trees. The taller tree stands 30cm tall, the medium measures 23cm tall and the small tree 16cm. This set contains 748 pieces and we think it’s very reasonably priced. The Lego Christmas Tree is a must-have to add a touch of Christmas cheer to your home!

Best Lego Christmas sets: the Lego Disney Castle. Image shows the set fully constructed.

2. Lego Disney Castle

The Lego Disney Castle is the most magical.

Lego Disney Castle specs:

Model number 43222
Build time Roughly 12 hours
Number of pieces 4837
Number of minifigures 8
Recommended age 18+

Christmas conjures images of sitting on the sofa, stuffing your face with chocolates, and watching a Disney classic. Just like Christmas, this set exudes pure magic. The Disney Castle is a magnificent beauty and a splendid display piece.

This set measures 80cm high, 59cm wide, and 33cm deep. It comprises an impressive 4837 pieces and comes with 8 minifigures from both classic Disney and more contemporary films. The lineup includes Cinderella, Prince Charming, Snow White, Prince Florian, Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Rapunzel, and Flynn Ryder.

This set is not just beautifully detailed but also filled with Disney references. There are multiple levels, each brimming with magical rooms. The Grand Ballroom allows Cinderella and Prince Charming to waltz gracefully on the rotating dance floor. Another room houses an enchanted fireplace with a spinning wheel. Oh, and it comes with a special time capsule commemorating 100 years of Disney films.

Best Lego Christmas presents: Hogwarts Castle and Grounds assembled.

3. Lego Hogwarts Castle

The Hogwarts Castle and Grounds is epic

Lego Hogwarts Castle and Grounds and specs:

Model number 76419
Build time Roughly 4 hours
Number of pieces 2660
Number of minifigures
Recommended age 18

Imagine Christmas at Hogwarts! You wake up on Christmas morning to a pile of presents. One of which is a hand-knitted sweater, compliments of Mrs Weasley. The castle is encased in a blanket of snow.

The Lego Hogwarts Castle is brimming with delightful references to the Harry Potter series. You construct the Whomping Willow, complete with the crashed Ford Anglia. Build the Durmstrang Ship and the Beauxbatons flying carriage, and explore iconic locations like the Chamber of Secrets and the potions classroom. What’s more, it features a golden statue minifigure of the Hogwarts architect, adding an extra dash of enchantment to your collection.

Although over $150 (just under £150) the set offers good value given its 2660-piece count. Upon completion, the set stands as an impressive display piece, measuring 21cm in height, 35cm in width, and 25cm in depth. This set makes for a wonderful gift for all Harry Potter fans.

Best Lego Christmas sets: the Christmas Wreath. Image shows the assembled set.

4. Lego Christmas Wreath

The Christmas Wreath is the most functional Lego set.

Lego Christmas Wreath specs:

Model number 40426
Build time Roughly 1 hour
Number of pieces
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 9+

Symbolically, the evergreen embodies the continuity of life and nature, while the wreath serves as a representation of the year, reminding us that the year will come full circle, and the darkness and cold of winter will eventually yield to the warmth and renewal of spring.

Like the Christmas tree, the Lego Christmas Wreath offers a 2 in 1 set. You can opt for one of two wreath designs, one adorned with a big red bow or another crafted with brick-built candles. The candle-themed wreath has four candles, symbolizing the four weeks of advent. The beauty of Lego is its enduring quality—no need to worry about it going bad or shedding like a real wreath. Plus, you can alternate between the designs from year to year, adding a touch of novelty to your holiday decor.

This set measures 25cm in diameter and includes candles that are 9cm tall. You can adjust the candle size to replicate the burning of a real candle.

Best Lego Christmas sets: Santa's Sleigh. Image shows the assembled set with all its reindeer lined up.

5. Lego Santa Sleigh

This is the most nostalgic Christmas set.

Lego Santa’s Sleigh specs:

Model number 40499
Build time Roughly 45 minutes
Number of pieces 343
Number of minifigures 1
Recommended age 9+

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer… Um, Doner, Blitzen… Respect for those of you who can name all nine reindeer! Luckily for me, this set contains four Lego Reindeer figures, so I have the names covered. After all, Santa conjures memories of leaving milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve.

The Lego Santa Sleigh is a beautifully detailed build, filled with toys and gifts like a guitar, skis, and a teddy bear. The Santa minifigure, complete with his list of naughty and nice children, adds a festive touch to this compact design.

This set contains 343 pieces. The sleigh, including the reindeer train, measures 8cm high, 30cm long and 7cm wide. Exclusive to the Lego store, why not display it next to the Lego Christmas tree for the ultimate Lego Christmas diorama?

Best Lego Christmas sets: the Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama with all the characters posed having a good time.

6. Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama

The most quirky Christmas set.

Lego Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama specs:

Model number 40658
Build time Roughly 30 minutes
Number of pieces 282
Number of minifigures 3 (plus BB8 and a Porg)
Recommended age 8+

The Lego Millennium Falcon set is a brilliant gift or display item for old and new fans of the Star Wars franchise. The diorama features the lounge area and sleeping quarters of the Millennium Falcon. It even includes a buildable Christmas tree, a string of colorful lights, mistletoe, and a roast dinner! (I find that it is the lights that make me feel festive!)

At the modest price of $29.99 (£25.99), this set is only available between October 1 and December 1 and it also comes with 5 minifigures. You get Rey and Finn both sporting Christmas jumpers and of course, lightsabers as well as Chewbacca, BB-8, and a Porg.

Best Lego Christmas sets: Home Alone. Image shows the assembled McAllister home.

7. Lego Home Alone

Best set based on a Christmas movie.

Lego Home Alone specs:

Model number 21330
Build time Roughly 11 hours
Number of pieces 3955
Number of minifigures 5
Recommended age 18+

This Lego Ideas creation draws inspiration from the 1990 cult classic Home Alone and was designed by devoted fans, for devoted fans. It’s a remarkable set, one you certainly won’t want to leave behind, unlike the unfortunate Kevin McCallister. And seriously, how did they manage to lose him not just once, but twice?

Aimed at 18+ this offers a slightly more challenging build, aimed at older fans who remember when the film came out. Perhaps it could be fun to build as a family on Boxing Day? It contains a whopping 3955 pieces. Split into 24 bags, the building follows the order of the plot of the film. This set contains 5 minifigures including Kevin, Harry, and Marv. It even includes a light brick to illuminate the furnace!

Measuring over 27cm in height, 34cm in width, and 37cm in depth, this set is quite grand. What’s impressive is that each level of the house is detachable, and the walls and roof can open up, revealing intricate details inside. The set is loaded with references to the film, including swinging paint cans, collapsible shelves, and even a zip line from the attic to the tree house. With all these features, this set provides the perfect opportunity to relive classic moments with the Sticky Bandits (formerly the Wet Bandits).

Best Lego Christmas sets: the Natural History Museum. Image shows the assembled set with its minifigures having fun outside.

8. Lego Natural History Museum

This is the most captivating Lego set.

Lego Natural History Museum specs:

Model number 10326
Build time Roughly 10 hours
Number of pieces 4014
Number of minifigures 7
Recommended age 18+

The Lego Natural History Museum set is an ideal gift for history, science, museum, and Lego enthusiasts. The model itself measures an impressive 31cm in height, 39cm in width, and 25cm in depth. It’s crafted from a whopping 4014 pieces and is designed as a magnificent display piece intended for adults.

This set is a treasure trove of brick-built exhibits, showcasing a brachiosaurus skeleton and an abundance of intricate details. It offers the chance to construct space and science artifacts, delightful references to classic Lego sets, and even a meticulously designed curator’s office.

The addition of two skylights lets natural light flood the building, adding to its charm. To sweeten the deal further, it comes with 7 minifigures.
A part of the Lego Icons range, this set perfectly aligns with the high expectations of collectors. Officially released on December 1st, it’s available for pre-order on the Lego website for $29.99 (£259.99). Being a part of the Modular Building series, it offers the exciting possibility of displaying it alongside other sets from the range to construct your very own Lego town, just like in the Lego Movie!

How we picked the best Christmas Lego sets

While compiling this list, we considered several key factors for including specific sets. First and foremost is authenticity; we place great importance on whether the set accurately mirrors its on-screen or real-life inspiration. Building complexity is another aspect we take into account, seeking a balance between intricate and more accessible sets.

Value for money is a crucial criterion, ensuring that the sets provide a worthwhile investment. Finally, variety plays a significant role as we aim to encompass a diverse range of Lego sets, exploring the full spectrum of festive delights that Lego has to offer.

If you want to get someone a fancy gift, read our list of the most expensive Lego sets. Meanwhile, our list of the best Lego Technic sets is great for fans who enjoy more complex creations.