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The best Lego sets retiring soon

These are the best retiring Lego sets leaving the station soon - don't miss your chance if you're a fan of these great Lego models.

Lego set A-Frame Cabin

It’s a sad fact of life that no Lego set lasts forever. Whether an original work of block-based art or tied to a recent franchise, from the moment the idea is first dreamt up, each Lego kit is destined to one day be discontinued. Retiring Lego sets make room for new creations…. Here we’ll cover all the Lego sets retiring soon.

In this guide we’ve included a varied bunch of the best Lego sets retiring in 2024. From Star Wars Lego sets to original creations, these are the best and biggest Lego sets retiring soon.

Now, we don’t have a mole in Lego HQ, and specific plans are doubtless subject to change. However, in researching these kits we’ve been sure to only use official sources, so you can be fairly sure these retiring Lego sets are on the way out sooner rather than later.

Lego Republic Gunship

7. Republic Gunship

One of the most impressive Star wars Lego sets based upon The Clone Wars, the 3,292 piece Republic Gunship is a sadly retiring Lego set, with the Lego website stating that fans have one last chance to grab a copy.

Straddling the line between a display piece and a model meant for play, the Gunship is ginormous, and comes with detachable gun turrets and sliding doors that reveal/obscure a sizable interior space. It also comes with two minifigures: Mace Windu, and a Clone Trooper Commander.

Lego set A Frame Cabin

6. A-frame cabin

One of the most popular and iconic Lego Ideas builds of recent years, the A-frame cabin, is on its way out by the end of the year. This nature-lovers’ build came out not all that long ago, in early 2023. With a beautiful cabincore aesthetic and a cozy feel, this build is also really popular for Lego lighting adaptations. It’s just hella snug!

lego assembly square

5. Assembly Square

Released in 2017, Assembly Square comes packed with detail. Perhaps the pinnacle of Lego’s modular buildings line, this kit lets you remove sections of your build with ease to reveal the varied interiors. Everything from a dance studio to a dentist’s is featured within, and there are loads of Lego minifigures too.

Lego batman figure

4. Batman Construction figure

(Almost) the closest you can get to a Lego Bionicle these days, the buildable, poseable action figures of the Lego Construction Figure line are pretty cool, but this Batman model is another retiring Lego set, expected to disappear by the end of 2024. We think it’s one of the coolest – something about the all black color palette makes the slight gangliness shared by all the posable models less apparent.

Lego Yavin 4 rebel base

3. Yavin 4 Rebel Base

This big pyramid for hiding your rebels was released as recently as August 2023, so we have to wonder if something went wrong for the Yavin 4 Rebel Base, to see it retired so swiftly. A quick glance shows it’s kind of the wrong scale – those pyramids were massive in the movies.

Given the size, this also seems like quite an expensive Lego set, at $170, so perhaps fans just weren’t interested. Expect to find the unique Leia figure from this kit on our rarest Lego minifigures guide in 10 years’ time.

lego hogwarts final battle

2. The Battle of Hogwarts

The Harry Potter Lego set Battle of Hogwarts is on its way out too. This set depicts the conclusive wizard lightning battle between Harry and Voldemort in a fairly compact and affordable manner. The build includes a ravaged courtyard in the classic Lego Hogwarts colors, and plenty of minifigures to enable play. One cool feature is the wands come with spell effects.

lego indiana jones temple

1. Temple of the Golden Idol

It doesn’t seem like that long since Lego Indiana Jones was revived, and now it’s going away again. Three sets were produced to coincide with the Dial of Destiny movie release. We’ve included Temple of the Golden Idol on our list, since it’s the most impressive, display-level quality build of the trio, but all three are going bye-bye in 2024.

Recently retired Lego sets

The following retired Lego sets are the best creations that disappeared off store shelves in the past year.

Lego ministry of magic

The Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of Magic was a good Harry Potter Lego set, small but striking with its dark green colors, and packed with minifigures. Those ranged from business witches and wizards to a cat Patronus and dementor. While it was retired in 2023, fans can at least enjoy the even mightier magical place of work that is the new Lego Gringotts set.

lego blacksmith

Medieval Blacksmith

Medieval Blacksmith might not have had the same scale or architectural style as the other medieval builds to come out of Lego’s blocky doors, but it does seem a shame to lose this build just as we’re getting new castles and market squares.

lego at-at


Yep, that’s right. You can no longer buy the Lego AT-AT. The 1,300 pieces build that is. You can still find the monstrous version that’s five times the size, but that may need its own room/bank loan. This version of the iconic Star Wars walker was pretty fun, with moving parts, minifigures, and even a speeder bike. Its legs were a little wobbly though. I’ve seen the aftermath of a toppled Lego AT-AT, and it was not pretty.

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