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The best Lego Indiana Jones sets

Fans of the whip and hat-wielding treasure hunter will love these Lego Indiana Jones sets, ranging from 2008 to modern classics released in 2023.

Lego Indiana Jones set

Lego Indiana Jones was a short-lived Lego theme which ran from just 2008-2009 around the release of Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Despite such a short lifespan, Lego Indiana Jones has stuck in the minds of brick builders everywhere, and the theme boasts an impressive number of sets, with 22 released in this era.

Now, in 2023, there are three new Lego Indiana Jones sets. Our list looks at both old and new, encompassing some of the biggest Lego sets, with the best Lego minifigures, along with a couple of quite affordable cheap Lego sets, for those who want to enjoy Lego Indie, without stealing a treasure themselves.

  • Temple of the Golden Idol – best Lego Indiana Jones set for collectors
  • The Temple of Doom – an exciting Lego racetrack
  • Fighter Plane Chase – best small Lego Indiana Jones set
  • Temple of the Crystal Skull – Biggest Lego Indiana Jones set for kids
  • Temple Escape – Best Lego Indiana Jones set for play
  • Escape From the Lost Tomb – Prettiest Lego Indiana Jones set

Lego Indiana Jones set

Temple of the Golden Idol

The best Lego Indiana Jones set for collectors

Depicting the first scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but actually one of the most recent Lego Indiana Jones sets on our list, Temple of the Golden Idol is one of three new Lego sets for the Indiana Jones line released in 2023, around the new movie Dial of Destiny (though not based on the modern flick).

As such, it’s one of the few Lego Indiana Jones sets still sold in the official store. Very much billed as a collectors item for adults, Temple of the Golden Idol comes complete with panels displaying quotes from the movie and the store insists it’s 18+. That’s probably because it’s a fiddly one: despite a relatively compact footprint, this is the biggest Indiana Jones set ever released.

Still, we think this is one Lego set for adults that could just as easily work for all ages – though it might be a tricky build. It has four minifigures, and is full of moving parts, from a wall that collapses as the sand bag is placed to the obligatory rolling boulder. We particularly enjoy the characterful face carvings on the walls.

Lego Indiana Jones set

The Temple of Doom

An exciting Lego racetrack

The minecart chase from Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom could’ve been made to be a Lego set (or a theme park ride). In this Temple of Doom Lego set, it’s recreated as a roller coaster track, that the baddies can chase the heroes down. As well as the inherent fun of a Lego roller coaster, there’s a nice trap built in, falling rocks that can be dumped on the villains (or heroes, depending on how you want to tell the story).

This set was released before Lego had tracks that properly locked the wheels into place, so the carts can quite easily become detached from the set. Whether that’s a pro (you can take them off and play with them) or a con (you can’t treat this set like a hot wheels track) we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

A new Temple of Doom set was expected to be released with the revival of the theme in 2023, but it has now been cancelled, its ultimate fate still unknown.

Lego Indiana Jones set

Fighter Plane Chase

The best small Lego Indiana Jones set

One of the smaller Lego sets on this list, and another of the three currently available Indiana Jones kits, Fighter Plane Chase is a simple build that does what it says on the tin. It contains two awesome vehicles, a plane and a car, and you can chase one with the other and make neowww rat-a-tat-tat noises.

Lego Indiana Jones set

Temple of the Crystal Skull

Biggest Lego Indiana Jones set for kids

Perhaps the least-loved Indiana Jones movie is best experienced through the medium of Lego? Until 2023, this was the largest Indiana Jones set at 929 pieces, and it has a bit of everything: a vehicle the Russians can ride in on, a series of secret rooms, delightful Lego skeletons in the classic style, the works.

With any mid-sized Lego set designed for play, you’d expect a range of moving parts and Temple of the Crystal Skull doesn’t disappoint, with traps and tricks aplenty, like launchable missiles, an unwinding spiral staircase, and a collapsing pillar.

Lego Indiana Jones set

Temple Escape

The best Lego Indiana Jones set for play

Lego’s original take on the classic Golden Idol scene from the first movie, Lego Temple Escape is a great play set, though quite hard to get a hold of at a decent price these days. From a boulder that’s actually a ball and can be taken out to chase Indie, to swishing blades, and a sea plane to escape on, this is a really fun Lego Indiana Jones kit, and a must-have if you can find a cheap enough copy.

Lego Indiana Jones set


Escape from the Lost Tomb

Prettiest Lego Indiana Jones set

Why did it have to be snakes? Finishing off our list with the final Lego Indiana Jones set you can currently buy first-hand, Escape from the Lost Tomb is perhaps the best-looking Indiana Jones set of them all. It features two epic Anubis statues, one of which can be toppled to collapse a wall, freeing Indiana Jones and Marion. There’s also a Mummy minifigure, who didn’t feature as a character in the film, but definitely will in any child’s usage of this set.

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