Best Ninjago Lego sets 2023

From the grandeur of Ninjago City to the smallest Spinjitzu set, we recommend the best Ninjago Lego sets for builders of all kinds.

In the last ten years, around 500 Ninjago Lego sets have been released – a real testament to the popularity of the series. There’s an army of sets to choose from, so finding the best Ninjago Lego set can be a trial for any aspiring Spinjitzu master. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Lego Ninjago sets to buy in 2023, whatever your style or budget.

We’ve covered the best Lego sets of all types here. We recommend Lego sets for adults and children, cheap Lego sets alongside some of the most expensive Lego sets ever seen, and the biggest Lego sets as well as the small. We’ve also kept a keen eye on new Lego sets that we think make the cut.

These are the best Ninjago Lego sets in 2023:

Ninjago City, one of the best Ninjago Lego sets

Ninjago City

Most expensive Ninjago Lego set

If you’re a collector of premium Lego sets, anything from the Ninjago City line is a worthy investment. Right now, the original Ninjago City is the priciest buy of all – with one box selling for $1,100 (£905) on eBay in August 2023. Even in less pristine condition, the product can fetch around $800 on secondary markets – a certified Lego gold mine.

Ninjago City was released in 2017 to coincide with the Ninjago movie released that same year. Built from 4,867 vibrant bricks, its modular design allows you to split Ninjago City into three pieces for full exploration. It’s complex, beautiful, and discontinued – everything a collector of rare Lego sets could want. 

Ninjago City Gardens, one of the best Ninjago Lego sets

Ninjago City Gardens

Biggest Ninjago Lego set

If size does matter for you, feast your eyes upon Ninjago City Gardens. With a record 5,685 pieces, this is the grandest Ninjago Lego set of them all. You can also combine it with Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks to create a sprawling, brick-based metropolis.

You’ll need to pay a premium price for such ginormous-ness, of course. A hefty price for a huge set, but Ninjago City’s value could skyrocket like other sets in the series – so it’s a solid investment as well as a gorgeous set piece. 

Lloyd Spinjitzu spin set, one of the best Ninjago Lego sets

Lloyd’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Spin Set

Best cheap Ninjago Lego set

From the large to the small – we consider Lloyd’s Dragon Power Spinjitsu Spin Set the best cheap option for those on a tight budget. For the price of lunch, you’ll get a detailed minifigure of the current ninja team leader, as well as a moving Ninjitsu toy. Or, you can get Lloyd and two other ninja sets for a slightly higher price.

Spinjitzu is an iconic part of the Ninjago series, and you can recreate it by sending this brilliant green bit of plastic around the included obstacle course. It’s a breeze to put together, and the movement is surprisingly smooth. If you’re looking for a compact and cost-effective gift but don’t want to compromise on quality, you’re in safe hands with Lloyd. 

Ninja Dragon Temple, one of the best Ninjago Lego sets

Ninjago Ninja Dragon Temple

Best value for money Ninjago Lego set

The Lego Ninjago series is filled with all sorts of impressive constructions. If you can’t choose between mechs, buildings, minifigures, or literal dragons, we suggest picking up the Ninjago Ninja Dragon Temple. It gives you a taste of everything Ninjago has to offer for a pretty reasonable price.

The set includes minifigures of Nya, Kai, and two snake warriors to do battle with. Nya can swoop into action atop a poseable Ninja Dragon, and two temples and a motorbike complete the scene. At 161 pieces, this is a simple, kid-friendly build that’s a great introduction to building and the Lego Ninjago series. 

Brick Box set, one of the best Lego Ninjago sets

Creative Ninja Brick Box Set

Best Ninjago Lego set for kids

Plenty of Ninjago Lego sets are child-friendly, but the Creative Ninja Brick Box Set is a cut above the rest. That’s for one simple reason: it comes with a big brick to store everything in.

Play goes a lot smoother when you know no crucial pieces are going to get lost. Plus, the storage box makes it easier to travel with your Ninjago Set and play away from home.

Now we’re done raving about storage, let’s talk about the set itself. The Creative Ninja Brick Box features an interactive training centre for your ninjas, as well as two vehicles and six minifigures from the series. Suitable for kids aged five and up, this set can be built by the book or with a more creative, do-it-yourself approach. Either way, there’s plenty of fun packed in.

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