The best Lego Minecraft sets to buy in 2024

For Creepers and crafters, we’ve gathered the very best Minecraft Lego sets that’ll help you relive and rebuild the iconic videogame.

Steve Minifigure from a Lego Minecraft set

Lego Minecraft sets are a match made in heaven, combining two of the world’s biggest block-based franchises. A Minecraft Lego set gives fans a new way to experience their favorite videogame without need for a screen, so they’re a popular purchase for builders young and old. If you’re looking for a shopping list of the best Lego Minecraft sets, you’ve come to the right place.

We can recommend cheap Lego sets and expensive Lego sets for fans on a range of budgets. Whether you want new Lego sets, the biggest Lego sets, or the top picks for youngsters, we’ve got the best Lego set for you to check out. Swords high, and read on, because these are the best Lego Minecraft sets:

The Crafting Box 4.0, one of the best Lego Minecraft sets

1. The Crafting Box 4.0

The best overall Lego Minecraft set for varied play.

Set ID 21249
Number of pieces 605
Recommended age 8+


  • Encourages creativity
  • Lots of play value


  • Expensive for its size

The Crafting Box 4.0 is a Lego Minecraft set that does a little bit of everything, and it makes a great first buy. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to build a fortress (complete with exploding TNT) and a cat community (complete with cats). Steve and Alex also appear in the set, along with a classic Creeper and Zombie duo.

The Crafting Box is recognizably Minecraft, and it’s super kid-friendly, so it’s sure to delight any young Lego fan who loves the game series. It’s also built to encourage creative play, so even when you’ve built your fortress, you can tear the whole thing down and build it up another way. The set is a little expensive, but there’s a lot of replayability and longevity that push up its value for money. 

The Panda Haven, one of the best Lego Minecraft sets

2. The Panda Haven

Our favorite Minecraft Lego set themed around animals.

Set ID 21245
Number of pieces 553
Recommended age 8+


  • Can be built several different ways
  • Excellent play and display value


  • Can be challenging for young builders

Of the several animal-themed Minecraft sets out there, The Panda Haven is our favorite by far. We’d even recommend it to Lego fans who aren’t familiar with Minecraft – it’s that adorable. Whether you want to play or just display this on a shelf, the set has excellent value for money.

The main set piece is a large, panda-shaped building that can be built in a sitting or standing position. Also included is a garden with an incubated egg and several Minecraft minifigures – two of which are tiny, also-adorable pandas.

This is a gorgeous little build, but children might need an adult on hand to finish it. There are a few fiddly hinges included in the panda building that make the set more challenging than it might first appear. 

The Sword Outpost, one of the best Lego Minecraft sets

3. The Sword Outpost

The best-looking Lego Minecraft set, with an awesome theme.

Set ID 21244
Number of pieces 427
Recommended age 8+


  • Kid-friendly build
  • Excellent play and display value


  • Build lacks variety

Minecraft has a lot of iconic imagery, but the square sword might be one of the most famous. The Sword Outpost turns the famous weapon into a unique battlefield, where two Minecraft minifigures fend off Creepers and Skeletons. While the stunning design makes this a worthy display set, there are a few interactive secrets that make The Sword Outpost ideal for play, too.

This is a very approachable Lego set for younger builders, who will find it engrossing but possible to finish without the help of a parent. Perhaps our only gripe is that, unlike many other great Lego Minecraft sets, you’re encouraged to build in one set way rather than using a little of your imagination. 

The Skeleton Dungeon, one of the best Lego Minecraft sets

4. The Skeleton Dungeon

The best budget Lego Minecraft set that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Set ID 21189
Number of pieces 364
Recommended age 8+


  • Highly detailed and visually appealing
  • Lots of interactive secrets for play


  • A little small

If you’re looking for a cheaper Lego Minecraft set, The Skeleton Dungeon squeezes a huge amount of value out of just a few hundred bricks. In this set, a Minecraft adventurer takes on three skeletons in a dungeon with three distinct biomes. There’s loot to gather, traps to trigger, and secrets to discover.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is a set that’s well worth playing with. What may surprise you is how much value The Skeleton Dungeon has as a collector’s display piece. Absolutely stuffed with game-accurate details, any Minecraft fan would be proud to have this on their shelf. The Skeleton Dungeon may be small, but boy is it mighty. 

The Mountain Cave, one of the best Lego Minecraft sets

5. The Mountain Cave

The biggest, most mighty of Minecraft Lego sets.

Set ID 21137
Number of pieces 2863
Recommended age 12+


  • Incredible level of detail
  • Lots of play features


  • Retired product that may be hard to find

Speaking of mighty, The Mountain Cave is the Big Daddy of Lego Minecraft sets. With nearly 3,000 pieces, this is a build that offers more of a challenge – as well as plenty of extra hours putting bricks together. Once it’s built, though, it’s fun for all ages.

A beautiful (if monstrously big) display piece and an amusement park of interactive features, any Minecraft fan will find something to love here. Steve and Alex can zip around in the minecart elevator, dodge a range of unique and game-accurate monsters, and then head home to their beds and crafting tables.

The biggest downside here, of course, is that the set is retired. With no stock left at Lego, the price has ballooned online, meaning this is a high-end collector’s item, more likely to end up in the hands of hardcore Lego lovers than parents shopping for Christmas presents.

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