Lego Mini Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah review

The Lego Palace of Agrabah is a charming set for Disney aficionados. It is an ideal choice for Aladdin fans, but sadly misses any minifigures.

Lego Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah review image showing the set's box.

Debuting in October 2023, the Lego Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah set is exclusive to the Lego store and a fitting tribute to Disney’s remarkable 100-year legacy. Similar to the Haunted Mansion and the Mini Disney Castle before it, Lego has brought out this dazzling treat for Aladdin enthusiasts. While this set falls under the Disney Princess range, don’t dismiss it as just a kid’s toy. It’s a tribute well-suited to the 31-year-old classic, befitting its enduring charm.

In Disney’s classic 1992 adaptation of Aladdin, our hero Aladdin posed a question to Jasmine: “Do you trust me?” Now, I extend this question to you. Do you trust me when I say that the Lego Palace of Agrabah is truly one of the best Disney Lego sets, and even one of the best cheap Lego sets overall?

To write this review, I’ve considered the set’s overall design and its buildability among many other factors. Jump ahead to the different sections below:

Lego Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah review image showing all of its individual pieces.


Lego Aladdin Palace of Agrahbah specs:

Model number 40613
Build time Roughly 1.5 hours
Number of pieces 506
Number of minifigures 0
Recommended age 12+
Dimensions (H x W x D) 15 x 14 x 16

Lego Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah review image showing the assemble set's front profile.


The visual appeal of this set is breathtaking. It’s astonishing how even on a smaller scale it manages to showcase intricate detail. For instance, Lego nails the domes. The design’s deliberate lack of symmetry adds a touch of character to the model. Additionally, it rests solidly on a robust base. The colors are exceptionally vivid. The matte gold domes and the deep burgundy exude a regal appearance, while the contrasting pop of purple on the magic carpet and the teal accents on the turrets create a visually delightful feast.

The set showcases the innovative use of pieces, like the clever stack of brick tile panels (1×4) to form the steps, creating a fantastic effect on a small scale. The inclusion of the magic carpet is a delightful touch too, invoking the scene where Prince Ali visits the princess on her balcony, setting the stage for the iconic “A Whole New World” number. An additional bonus is the absence of stickers in this set; Jasmine’s balcony design is beautifully printed.

There are a couple of small potential discrepancies in the design. Firstly, the fountain is located at the front. My understanding is that the fountain is at the back of the castle, but perhaps I am wrong. Either way, the inclusion of the fountain is still a welcome addition. The second is that the Palace is not as wide as the on-screen version, but that being said, would widening it and adding extra turrets enhance the set? I think not. It is perfectly compact and detailed as is. Lastly, the only notable drawback is that the set does not open up. What you see, is what you get, but then again, is this a terrible thing? It is pleasing to look at no matter what angle you view it from.

Lego Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah review image show the back of the assembled model.

Ease of assembly

Assembling this set is generally a straightforward process. It features a variety of intriguing pieces, like the steps, that make the building experience engaging. The construction starts with creating the main base and gradually building it up. The set comes in three different bags. No steps were particularly trying. It is a relaxing build.

During assembly, I did manage to lose a piece, which remains to be found – probably tucked away in my cat’s secret stash. (His hiding place used to be behind the Dreamcast, but since moving things around, we have not discovered his new hiding spot.) There was another minor inconvenience during the build; one of the smaller turrets kept toppling over. While slightly annoying, it didn’t spoil the building experience.

Lego Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah review image showing the set posed beside the Mini Disney Castle set.

Price & availability

This set costs $39.99 (£39.99) and is readily available directly from the Lego website. In comparison to The Mini Disney Castle, (which costs the same in the US, but is £5 less in the UK), the absence of a minifigure is disappointing. However, it still delivers excellent value overall. The set is brimming with detail, and, some might even say, it appears more grandiose than the Mini Disney Castle.

Lego Disney Princess Palace of Agrabah review image showing a dynamic shot of the towers and the flying carpet.

Final verdict

“Wake up and smell the humus!” and imagine Prince Ali and his entourage dancing up the streets towards the Lego Palace of Agrabah! The Lego Palace of Agrabah is nothing short of a visual masterpiece. Its stunning aesthetics are remarkable, even on a smaller scale. The colors are exceptionally vivid, creating a regal and visually delightful display. The innovative use of pieces highlights the set’s design ingenuity. Although it doesn’t open up, the Lego Palace of Agrabah captivates from any angle. This set is a true work of art and a must-have for any Disney or Aladdin fan.

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Our Verdict


The Lego Palace of Agrabah is a delightful addition to any Disney enthusiast’s collection. The set is petite, intricate, vibrant, and majestic – making it a perfect display piece – but unlike similar sets it doesn’t have a minifigure.