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Lego Medieval Town has guards, cheesemakers, and an $80 goat

A bustling Lego medieval town square is the latest Lego set to head our way this year, with innkeepers, animals, tradespeople and more.

Lego Medieval Town square model seen from a distance

The Lego company has announced a new medieval-themed set for Lego Icons. This Lego Medieval Town Square is an updated remake of the Medieval Market Village, a 2009 build for the Lego Fantasy Castle theme. Coming out in March 4, 2024, the Medieval Town Square is a 3,304 piece build, and is priced at $229.99/£199.99

Like its predecessor, the new Lego set showcases the hustle and bustle of medieval life, with everything from an inn to a cheese factory to a shield-painter’s workshop. It features two hinged buildings that can be closed up or opened out to reveal a bunch of crowded, detailed interiors. These buildings can also be constructed alone or as part of a connected town.

Lego Medieval Town square model close-up

There are eight minifigures in this Lego set in total, including an innkeeper, crook, carpenter, tax collector, cheesemaker, tapestry weaver, shieldsmith and tower guard. There are also several animals, including a squirrel, a cat, and one particularly notable goat.

Lego Medieval Town square model seen from a distance

This Lego goat model has only ever been seen in one set before, the Mill Village Raid model from 2011. As a result, the goat models from this set now go for upwards of $80 on eBay. But perhaps a long-lost mold was rediscovered last Christmas, because not only is there a new version of the goat in this upcoming set, it also features in the latest collectible Lego minifigures series, which came out in January.

Lego medieval town square minifigures

The Lego company has started a bit of a trend of taking old builds, shaking off the dust, and reimagining them even bigger and better with modern bricks and techniques. In 2022, it released the Lion Knight’s Castle, a new version of the castle that came out in the 1970s. Last year, the 1989 pirate-themed set El Dorado fortress was revamped.

While Medieval Market Village is only 15 years old, rather than decades, it’s still nice to see a fan-favorite given a new lick of paint.

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