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5 increasingly wacky items you’ll need to play MTG Unfinity

As Magic: The Gathering spoilers for the upcoming Unfinity set roll in, here are several unusual items you’ll need to play your new ‘Un’ Magic cards

5 wacky items in MTG Unfinity - Wizards of the Coast art of a green alien holding a stuffed tiger

The ‘Un’ sets in Magic: The Gathering are the oddball cousins of your standard MTG sets. Each set introduces some wacky ways to play the game, and the upcoming Unfinity set is an apple that hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. We already know this is the set that’ll introduce Commander-legal stickers to Magic, as well as a dog planeswalker, but the chaos doesn’t end there.

There are, in fact, plenty of unusual props you may need when playing with Unfinity Magic cards. The set’s ongoing spoiler season has taught us it’s no longer enough to turn up with a nicely sleeved deck and a life counter. We’ve gathered together a handful of the items you may need to bring to your next game, ranging from the slightly out-of-the-ordinary to the downright bizarre.

5 wacky items in MTG Unfinity - Wizards of the Coast trading card Opening Ceremony

A sealed MTG booster pack

First, an item that’s not so strange but also isn’t part of your typical Magic game. The Opening Ceremony Sorcery card lets you open a sealed, unrelated Magic booster pack. Until the end of your turn, you can cast any spell you pull from the pack – so choose your set wisely.

5 wacky items in MTG Unfinity - Wizards of the Coast trading card D00-DL, Caricaturist

Something to draw with (and a timer)

Legendary Artifact Creature D00-DL, Caricaturist creates a 4/4 colourless Sketch Creature token when it enters the battlefield. Never heard of a Sketch Creature? That’s because it doesn’t exist yet – and you need to create it, sharpish.

You now have fifteen seconds to draw your Sketch Creature. If it has wings, it has flying; if it has a sword, it gets first strike. Drawing a shield gives your Creature vigilance, and “mean eyes” give it menace. Horns give your creature trample; claws give it deathtouch; and fangs give it lifelink. Finally, some snazzy shoes mean your Sketch Creature has haste. You better get drawing.

5 wacky items in MTG Unfinity - Wizards of the Coast trading cards Rock Star (left), Phone a Friend (middle), and The Superlatorium (right)

A willing volunteer

Several of the recently spoiled Unfinity cards command you to call in a second opinion. Phone a Friend is a Sorcery that makes you physically call someone and, without explaining anything, make them choose one of four options:

  • Gain control of a target creature not under your control
  • Choose a creature you control and create two tokens that are copies of it
  • Take an extra turn immediately after this one
  • Draw seven cards

Rock Star lets you add a card to your hand after milling your deck, but you’ll need a willing volunteer to tell you which of the cards discarded looks most like a rock band. Meanwhile, The Superlatorium needs a neutral third party to decide which creature on the battlefield looks fastest, scariest, or weakest – if they choose the same answer you did, then you win a prize!

5 wacky items in MTG Unfinity - Wizards of the Coast trading cards Hat Trick (left) and The Big Top (right)

A colourful new outfit

Thanks to Unfinity, you’ll need to plan your game night outfits very carefully. The Big Top is a Land that lets you add one mana of any colour that appears on your top – as in the piece of clothing you’re currently wearing on the top half of your body. Expect to suddenly see a lot more Magic players in tie-dye tees.

The Instant Hat Trick will also reward a snappy dresser. If you and the creature under your control that’s blocking/being blocked both have a hat on, that creature gets triple strike until the end of your turn.

5 wacky items in MTG Unfinity - Wizards of the Coast trading card Surprise Party

A laughable number of Clown Robot tokens

We hope you’re ready to yell “surprise!” at your opponent because you’ll need to do it as soon as the Enchantment Surprise Party enters the battlefield. The unprompted shouting isn’t the real surprise, though – it’s what comes next. You can now add as many Clown Robot tokens to the battlefield as possible, providing you meet a few key criteria:

  • The Clown Robot tokens aren’t touching each other
  • You hid the Clown Robot tokens somewhere on the battlefield before casting Surprise Party
  • Your opponent didn’t spot the hidden Clown Robots before you cast Surprise Party

This card is set to turn your average Magic game into a tense Clown Robot conspiracy. We recommend slipping a few Clown Robots into your card sleeves or hiding them under your playmat.